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Photo Caption: My tank
5 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My tank

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Description: I have a 5 gallon tank and full of majestic plants gravel and beautiful colorful changing bubbler systems and a full filtration system I have 1 betta fish 1 Cory 2 neon tetras
Advice: If your New with fish I would start out simple and start to under stand how fish live among them selves and how they behave, I would start out with a simple betta fish they usually start out to 5 dollars or more they can live a few years, betta fish can only live with certain species of fish including Corys, neon tetras and a few others. I would definitely buy a 5 gallon tank for your betta anything less then that will bored your betta fish and will get stressed they will feel uncomfortable, make sure to provide plants they can be fake or real, use gravel or bead beans for flooring of your aquarium, I would suggest buying the Glofish 5 gallon KitAbout 60 dollars and provides a filter and a light ad of course the five gallon tank, make sure to buy a bubbler, and a bubbling system along with a air tube to attach them to work, change the tank once a week and wash through with warm water don't use soap it's toxic to the fish, feed your fish twice a day once at day once at night, do not over feed your fish. Once you feel comfortable with these basics start by adding a simple bottom feeding fish such as a Cory then after that add a few neon tetras they all bond well togther but provide lots of plants and decor for them to hide to make them feel comfortable. And don't forget when u change the tank spectate the fish so they don't feel stressed.
Fish Kept: Betta - Male, Neon Tetra, Emerald Green Cory Cat
Corals/Plants: Fake plants,
Tank Size: 5 gallons
Quote: "Being normal is boring" -Marylin Monroe
About Yourself: I've had fish for several years and I consider my self a expert with all the knowledge I have with my experiences, I have 4 fish 2 cats 2 parrots and 1 tortoise


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