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18 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - All Live Plants Aquarium
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Photo Caption: All Live Plants Aquarium
18 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - All Live Plants Aquarium

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Country: India
Description: Tank Dimention: 24 X 18X 12 inches. Lighting: 44 watts (one 20 watt normal tube and three CFL each 8 watts). Filter: Sobo Power Head Filter (1000 Lts / Hrs. Capacity) Heater: 200 Watts with Thermostat. Thermometer: Glass Thermometer Duration of using light: 14 to 15 hrs. per day. Feeding: 2 times a day Feeding Quantity: May consume in 45 minutes. Regular Food: Small size Pellet or flakes. Sunday Food: Dry - tubifex / blood worm / brine shrimp Substrate: 1.5 inch thick river sand and 1 Inch thick white gravel
Advice: For planted aquarium, 2 to 3 inches thick substrate is essential to prevent from uprooting plants. River sand is the key substrate. Grave is used to keep sand bed undisturbed during filtration. High intensity light for 12 to 14 hours is required for growing plants. No addition carbon dioxide and fertilizer are essential, as plants get plenty of carbon dioxide and fertilizer from respiration of fishes and fish waste respectively. Strictly avoid keeping big size and plant eating fishes in planted aquarium. Once in a week change 20% water to avoid algae problem in aquarium also use Anti-Ich medicine once in week. Before putting new plants in aquarium plants must be cleaned thoroughly in potassium permanganate solution or salt water solution.
Fish Kept: Albino Socolofi:1, Blue Cichlid: 1+6, Tiger Bard:5, Albino Tiger Barb:2, Rose Barb:2, Rainbow Shark:1, Widow Tetra:2, Pristella Tetra:6; Buenos Aires:5, Molly: 12 (different varieties), Glow Danio: 5, High Fin Tetra: 2
Corals/Plants: 1. Green Cabomba, 2. Aponogeton Crispus. 3. Cryptocorine, 4.Alternanthera Reinckii, 5. Ludwigia, 6. Bakoba, 7. Amazon Sword; 8. Water Lily (don't know Variety), 9. Looks like parrot Feather - Don't know its name.
Tank Size: 18 gallons
About Yourself: I am 47 years old, working in Customer Service Field. I purchased my 1st Aquarium in June 2011. I made my 2nd aquarium in 26th Oct 2011 for doing some experiment with aquatic plants – how plants grow in sand substrate? How the substrate looks like after one month – clean or dirty? Is it possible to place power filter in aquarium? Therefore I just put plants in aquarium without planning (just for growing) and after around two months my aquarium looks like pleasant green forest. After office I like to see – fishes are playing and foreground is changing every moment like mosaics. I am highly satisfied with this aquarium.


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