• Absolutely beautiful tank! I can't believe you're not ranked higher... I gave it a 10. nimo avatar nimo

    2009-11-30 00:08:12

  • this tank is nice be gd once the moss as grown on ur twigs Fish avatar BANGME33

    2009-11-16 16:12:19

  • Love it! I especially love your use of color, the way the black rock contrasts with the white sand and then there's the pop of the beautiful, lush green. Simply awesome and not overdone. Love the way the space in the middle draws the eye back to the darkness in the back, great job!! pisces20 avatar pisces20

    2009-03-22 00:46:11

  • it lloks really natural... I like it :D Mike037 avatar Mike037

    2008-05-12 17:29:54

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slickwillislim - Additional Pictures

Photo Caption: 60g front view
Rating: 5.69
Votes: 179 times.
Category Avg. Score: 4.75
Rated higher than 78.57% of tanks in this category
Ranked #532 out of 2483 worldwide