Photo #1 - Additional Photo Of Juwel 125 Tank.

fish tank picture - Additional photo of Juwel 125 tank.
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Photo Caption: Additional photo of Juwel 125 tank.
fish tank picture - Additional photo of Juwel 125 tank.

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: This is a Juwel Rio 125. Comes with a built in filter and Juwel lighting (twin bulbs). Ive asked some specialists about whether I should swap the built in filter for an external one as many people have recomended, but have been told not to as the Juwel filters are good quality. Upgrading to a 125 litre tank as I wanted more than one fancy goldfish. I learned the hard way that small tanks do not hold 3 fish very well.
Advice: Maintaing a quality aquarium is based on more than just one rule and you will learn more as the problems crop up. For that reason, get as much advice as possible, but accept that opinions are often divided or could be different if one more detail was added. I tend to search the internet to get an idea of the solution and follow that up with a chat with a reputable aquatics dealer or two. You also have to accept that as a beginner, some lessons have to be learned the had way and the odd fatality will be inevitable. My 35 litre tank has a roll of honour listing 2 black moors, 1 red cap oranda, 1 choclate oranda and a fantail due to lack of experience, incorrect advice and misunderstood advice. Patience is the biggest requirement. One thing I swear by is fishless cycling via a tank full of water, a running filter, atest kit and a supply of amonium chloride. This was tried and tested on my previous 35 litre tank and was a major success and I would be happy to offer advice on this to anyone.
Fish Kept: Currently I have a single Calico Ryukin in a 35 litre tank. I was under the impression he was an Oranda, but several months on he still has no wen to speak of. "Archie" survived my overcrowding lesson and will move into his new home once the cycing process is completed. He will eventually be joined by a Black Moor and possibly a Red Cap Oranda.
Corals/Plants: Anyone will tell you that goldfish are pigs, so I have turned to plastic plants - especially as this has allowed me to opt for a brighter, more colourful setting.
Tank Size: 33 gallons
Quote: The power of accurate observation is often called cynicism by those that dont have it.
About Yourself: Im 35, work in the financial services industry and still try to play football. Having moved into my home with my girlfriend, she decided she would like a fish tank as both us would benefit from the serene viewing of a tank of fancy goldfish. I knew nothing about fish keeping and learned a lot in a short space of time through trial and error. Within a year I can discuss the merits of tank surface area, oxygenation, plastic plants v live plants, fishless cycling, whitespot (the dreaded Ich!), stocking levels, feeding reqirements, tank positioning and maintenance needs. Mistakes aside, its a very satisfying hobby - epecially when you sort out a problem.....jut be ready for the next one!


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