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State: Indiana
Country: United States
Description: 48x21x18 main tank. Side drilled overflow. No method to that, tank was that way when I bought it. Refugium 24x16x12, cut to fit vertical underground filter plates for media holders and seperators. Filter media pads and phosphate pads inserted between filter plates for filtering water. Carbon and Phosphate bags in refugium plus cheatomorpha macroalgae. 300w Heater Berlin triple pass protein skimmer with Red Sea pump. Return pump is Quiet One 300 g/hr pump. Maxi Jet 1200 Power Head Lights are 2 250w HQI with 4 65w PC's and 6 moon glow lights. Off brand combo light but it works very well for $300 on Ebay. 20 lbs of live rock and roughly another 80 lbs of aragocrete home made rock. Aprox 80 - 100 lbs of mainly sand with aragonite mixed bed.
Advice: The hobby is expensive so search of good items at low prices even if they are used. Take your time with your set up and come up with the best possible plan. Bigger is better if you can afford it!! READ READ AND READ SOME MORE!!!!!!!
Fish Kept: 1 Kole Tang, 1 Niger Trigger, 1 Pink Spot Watchman Goby, 1 Coral Beauty Angel, 1 Purple Pseudochromis, 2 Ocellaris Clownfish, 2 Yellow Tail Blue Damsels, 1 Peppermint Shrimp, 20 Blue Leg Hermits
Corals/Plants: All are Frags... 1 Cabbage Leather, 2 Clusters of Neon Green Zoanthids, 1 Cluster of Brown with Orange Center Zoanthids, 2 Branches of Gorgonian, 1 Red Ricordia, 1 Blue 5 Red Mushrooms, Large Cluster of Pinkish Button Polyps, Large Cluster of Star Polyps, 3 inchish Long Tentacle Anemone, 1 branching hammer coral, 3 Frags of Acan Lord (purple/green, orange/red, orange/peach), 4 Frags of Peach Montipora Capricornis, 1 Frag of Orange Montipora Capricornis
Tank Size: 75 gallons
Quote: Nothing wrong with a smaller tank as long as it looks nice.
About Yourself: Just another average guy who always wanted a salt tank. LOL, now I have 2 jobs! 1 to pay for the tank and 1 to take care of it.


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