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fish tank picture - Additional pictures
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250 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - This is my Fantasy Themed Fish Tank (zoom into the pic to see or look at my additional pics) - i handcrafted custom made all the decor. This unique aquarium has it all with air animated moving bridges, underwater sand waterfalls, realistic hot lava rivers and pits, different colored lighted sections that can be changed to any possible color or multiple mode settings with a simple pushing of a button using your smartphone, even has realistic lightning above the evil castle. Fairy side has a sun that changes colors along with the sky to look like a beautiful sunset.
fish tank picture - Just some decor Ive made.
fish tank picture - Just some decor Ive made.
fish tank picture - Just some decor Ive made.
fish tank picture - Just some decor Ive made.
fish tank picture - Additional pictures
fish tank picture - Additional pictures
fish tank picture - Additional pictures
fish tank picture - Additional pictures
fish tank picture - My Country Farm Theme fish tank. Huge waterfall that flows sand out from it, stars that light up at night in the background, and a windmill that spins continuously. Checkout my other themes
fish tank picture - This is my Skull Island Theme that goes in a 150 gallon. This theme is from the king Kong movie. It has a huge waterfall that flows sand continuously, another sand waterfall that flows out through the skeletons mouth, and in the middle is a skull mountain cave that looks completely insane. Be sure to checkout my other crazy azz themes.
fish tank picture - This is my Jurassic Park Theme. Checkout many more of my custom designs. This theme has working volcanos that errupt, air action dinosaurs and realistic looking hot lava that will amaze you.

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State: Arizona
Country: United States
Description: Custom made Freshwater 250 gallon tank, 8' feet long, 26" inches wide. I use a Fluval 6 for filtration. This tank is one of a kind. I designed with a Fantasy Theme. I created everything pretty much from scratch by hand. Left side of my tank is a Fairy Garden scene. My prize creation is a 2' foot sandfall which is basically an underwater waterfall but instead it uses sand to imitate the look of water. The sand I made to continuously circulate itself by flowing from the top of the rock face mountain falling straight down to the bottom then circulates back up to the top again. At the bottom of the waterfall I surrounded it with a blue pond looking area which looks to flow into a river throughout the bottom of the fairys side of the aquarium. I then installed lights at the bottom of the tank which shine upward to illuminate the river so that it glows. The LEDs that i use can change to any color i want just by the push of a button using an app on my smartphone which is awesome. I've also made a bridge that moves up and down using air bubbles, a huge tree house which is a nice swim through cave for the fish and a lot of other cool fairy houses that I made as well. Then the landscaping starts to turn from beautiful fairyland into an evil dragon looking landscape with mulitple hot lava rivers that actually look like real 3d lava. I made a second sand fountain thing which i hand sculpted a dragon popping out through some rocks which his mouth is opened and red sand is pouring out from his mouth. There are little skulls (hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil) that surround him along with another skull that opens and closes his mouth which makes it look as if hes laughing. Right next to him at the very end of the tank I hand sculpted a huge castle with massive stairways leading up to the castle. At the top of the stair I created this skull head and have his hands breaking through a part of the stairs so that it looks like he's been barried in the mountain. after weighting and positioning the skeletons hand just right, using a powerhead i got the hand to move and look like hes waving or grabbing at you. Plain and simply put if you're into fantasy art, the whole tank just looks sick! This is a must see video to really appreciate evenything that i created into live video action. The TV show 'TANKED' ain't got nothing on it! You want to see an amazing one of a kind tank, go checkout my facebook fan page! Look up Fish-tastic aquarium decor or find my page at I'm also on youtube. Please rate my tank and leave me a comment what you think, good or bad. Thanks :)
Advice: None
Corals/Plants: None
Tank Size: 250 gallons
Quote: I'm one in a million
About Yourself: I'm a bad azz aquarium fish decor designer. Checkout my facebook page to see a whole lot more custom themes and decor. Search on facebook for FishTastic Aquarium Decor. My work will blow your mind. Website coming soon for purchases.


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