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fish tank picture - RH 125 Gal.
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Photo Caption: RH 125 Gal.
45 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - The 125Gal all set up. 2-300W aquaclear heaters hidden below, see heater module pics. Fluval FX5, Elite optima air. Standard lights, saving up for the good lights for some plants. Love the sand. Went with playsand and wont go back to gravel ever. The corys just seemed to love it right away. Still working on decor, going to go find some hardwood branches to try to make something up to hide the air lines and the intake and exhaust of the pump.
freshwater fish - panaque nigrolineatus - gold royal pleco (l-027) stocking in 45 gallons tank - royal pleco munchin on some cucumber.
fish tank picture - RH 125 Gal.
fish tank picture - LH closeup of the 125
freshwater fish - panaque nigrolineatus - gold royal pleco (l-027) stocking in 45 gallons tank - Royal Pleco
freshwater fish - metynnis argenteus - silver dollar stocking in 45 gallons tank - Silver Dollar in motion, Just wont stay still!
freshwater fish - corydoras paleatus - peppered cory cat stocking in 45 gallons tank - Peppered Cory
fish tank picture - The 125 Gal im cycleing now. Gonna be for the fish in the 46 Gal when its all done.
45 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - updated picture of the 46 gal tank. Took a couple decorations out as going to try to limit the transfer to the 125 as easy as possible, ever since trying the sand in the 125 ill never go back, i find the larger gravel like this makes the tank look yellow. not my favorite. Easy to clean tho. This tanks shut down now as the 125 is done and Its going to start up again saltwater style!
fish tank picture - the led lights under the canopy.
fish tank picture - tank with the lunar lights on. kinda hard to get a good pic, when your sitting in front of it in the dark it does slightly light the tank.
fish tank picture - other side view of cave, again still should do surface treatment first. hmmm mabye glue sand first. uh-oh here we go..... took it out of the tank, didnt like it, definitly need to surface treat the plastic first.
fish tank picture - First attempt at cave. I think i will try a surface treatment on the plastic next time first before glueing rocks. oh well. next time.
fish tank picture - Old pic of the 46, i need to update

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Country: Canada
Description: 125Gal right now with 2 300W aquaclear heaters, and Fluval FX5, Elite Optima. heaters are hidden below, check pics for description, play sand (will never go back to gravel. Pain to clean initially but well worth it. Corys loved it immediately.
Advice: Lots and Lots of research. Internet is great but find it at least 3 times to make sure its solid advice.
Fish Kept: 7 Black Skirt Tetras 5 Silver Dollars 1 Royal Pleco. 6 Peppered Corys Looking at getting 1 Leopard Ctenopoma
Corals/Plants: Fake plants. Not much of a greenthumb yet.... i will be setting up a large tank when my livingroom is redone, i know i have silver dollars but I figure that if there is enough then they might keep me from pruning and that there is also some plants they wont eat, but need to do more research for sure before attempting.
Tank Size: 45 gallons
Quote: Its never what you need, its what you want.


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