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State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Description: 50gal bow front tank 42" across, 30" deep at center of bow, 30" tall. Fresh water tank with Fluval 110 filter system. Using a Current Satellite+ Pro light. Gravel substrate. Also have a 38gal, a 10gal fry tank, & 5gal hospital tank.
Advice: Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems everyone that gets into this hobby & really enjoys it want a bigger & bigger tank. So start with a small 10-20gal tank, & if you can keep your water nice & clear & your fish happy & healthy for a year & you thoroughly enjoyed learning the do's & dont's & you often find yourself just sitting in front of the tank just watching how your fish act, learning their body language, & knowing weather they're happy or not. Then I suggest skipping the 30, 50, 75, etc... & go BIG! As big as your wallet will allow. This way you save on all the stuff you need for a new tank every time you go a little bigger. Go for gold, you'll wish you had more space if you don't. This is what I wish someone had told me when I started. In reality I should probably just go get a job at the aquarium. That's the only size tanks I'd truly be happy with, lol! Good luck & enjoy.
Corals/Plants: Artificial plants. Artificial coral formations/caves.
Tank Size: 50 gallons
Quote: "What would you attempt if you knew you couldn't fail" - Unknown
About Yourself: I'm a Marine Veteran that worked as an Avionics technician. Now a government employee doing the same type of work. I've always had a love for animals, and try to instill that same love into my kidos. By far my favorite thing to do is going snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean. Watching all the colorful fish, and other aquatic life. So I thought a couple (or maybe more) fish tanks could bring some of that fun into the house. So here I am now with 4 tanks ranging in size from 5gal to 125gal. I stock my tanks mostly with various types of cichlids, but with a few other oddballs too. They are loved just as much as our two dogs, a rabbit, and sugar glider. People love stopping by and checking out our tiny zoo of animals. Especially the neighborhood kids.


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