Photo #0 - Tiger (loach) Ravaging A Sinking Alge Wafer. He ...

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Photo Caption: Tiger (Loach) Ravaging a sinking alge wafer. He loves these, and attacks it before taking it to one of his hiding spots. Certainly my most exciting fish to watch.

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State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Description: 12x30 glass, using a simple air pump for the shipwreck and an Penguin 200 Biowheel. Plants are live. Add an old ceramic pot I had laying around.
Advice: Do your research, and make it a fun hobby.
Fish Kept: 2 neons, 1 tiger loach, 1 cory cat, 3 (brightly colored fish in orange, green, and red), 2 (blood or glowlight), not sure), and 2 guppies (one female).
Corals/Plants: Live plants plants.
Tank Size: 30 gallons
Quote: If a fish has a mouth pointing forward and big enough to fit another fish in, it probably will (stolen - auther unknown).


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