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Country: Canada
Description: I accually have 3 tanks and a bowl right now and in the next few weeks will be setting up a third tank. my bowl is accually a very large vase, and i have a 30 gal no name tank a 30 gal homemade and a 46 wal-mart no name tank and my newest is a 72 gal. hagen tank, i use and prefer aquaclear filters
Advice: give your fish just as much love an attention as you would anyther pet, learn as much as you can about water quality and the types of fish you want to keep to make sure your prepared.
Fish Kept: I have 2 oscars one whos almost 2 and is 11 in., and one whos probubly 1 1/2 old and 6 in. one betta, 4 plecos, 7 fancy goldfish one of which is turbo my 4 year old sweetheart of a ranchu, 7 african cichlids and a jack dempsey. and soon will be setting up a mixed tropical tank.
Corals/Plants: i have not attempted plants yet but n the next month or so will be starting a freshwater planted tank.
Tank Size: 72 gallons
About Yourself: Ever since i was very little i always loved looking at fishtanks i was always drawn to them, then when i was seven a friend of the famley gave us a 5 gal tank with a lone old angelfish, he died shortly after and my mom brought home a new fish, it was a jackdampsey no biger then 6 cm. we named her jacko, we didnt know how big she would get so she very soon outgrew the 5 gal tank so my dad built a 30 gal. for her she lived in that tank with us happily gobbleing up flys and worms and fishfood for 10 years at a length or approx. 8 in. she is what got my hooked on fish, i then had to get my own fish and thats when i got turbo, hes my 4 yr old ranchu goldfish i got him at wamart and he was labeld as a lions head, i was still at my parents at the time i got him and since then ive moved 6 times and he has came with me everwheres i go, hes the most cute lil fish ive ever seen and hes so chubby hes about 3-4 in. now, i moved turbo and a lone pleco into the house a ear ago and since then we have got so many new fish, i now have my boyfriend into the whole fish thing, so we adpted our two oscars and bought a new tank becase he loves african cichlids and the large vase we have has a betta in it he was one of the first fish we got together, since then the tanks keep getting bigger and we get more fish its a really fun thing to do as a couple watching them and feeding them and getting new aquarium gear, but yeah i will post a bunch of pics up on here of all my fishies.


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