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Photo Caption: Blue Damsel
corals inverts - condylactis sp. - haitian reef anemone stocking in 44 gallons tank - Bubbletip anemone and false percula clown
corals inverts - entacmaea quadricolor - bulb anemone stocking in 44 gallons tank - Bubbletip Anemone
saltwater fish - chrysiptera cyanea - blue damselfish stocking in 44 gallons tank - Blue Damsel
saltwater fish - acanthurus pyroferus - mimic lemon peel tang stocking in 44 gallons tank - Mimic Tang
corals inverts - catalaphyllia jardinei - elegance coral stocking in 44 gallons tank - Elegance Coral
corals inverts - briareum sp. - starburst polyp stocking in 44 gallons tank - Purple Star Polyp Coral
corals inverts - tubipora musica - pipe organ coral stocking in 44 gallons tank - Pipe organ coral
corals inverts - euphyllia ancora - hammer / anchor coral stocking in 44 gallons tank - Hammer Coral. This coral has also done much better in the larger tank with correct lighting, better water flow and better filtration and water quality.
corals inverts - sarcophyton sp. - toadstool mushroom leather coral stocking in 44 gallons tank - Sarcophyton
44 gallons saltwater fish tank (mostly fish, little/no live coral) - Coaxing the clownfish into their anemone. Our clownfish are one year old today and they have never given any of the anemones in their tank a single thought! We got a tip from someone online who said they put their anemone in a small plastic bucket with the fish to introduce them for a couple of hours and then return them all slowly to the tank. Well what do you know..... it worked! She now doesn't go more than a couple of inches from the anemone unless she's feeding, then she sprints back to the safety of her home. Now 2 years old, i think she's obsessed with it! So amazing.
corals inverts - duncanopsammia axifuga - duncan coral stocking in 44 gallons tank - Stoney Coral??
corals inverts stocking in 44 gallons tank - Marine Mollusc
corals inverts - entacmaea quadricolor - bulb anemone stocking in 44 gallons tank - False Percula Clownfish in her Bubbletip Anemone
corals inverts - duncanopsammia axifuga - giant green polyp duncan stocking in 44 gallons tank - Heliofungia and False Percula Clownfish
corals inverts - duncanopsammia axifuga - giant green polyp duncan stocking in 44 gallons tank - Heliofungia
corals inverts - caulastrea furcata - candy cane coral stocking in 44 gallons tank - Candycane Corals. We have just moved them into the Aquaone 900 from a smaller tank with no proper lighting and no protein skimmer etc and now I have seen a massive improvement in the health of these candy canes. The bright green stripes are returning to the browny coloured one! and their little tenticles come out much more often.
44 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - Nicalex Reef Tank - June 2010 A selection of soft corals plus a Yellow Mimic Tang, a Clownfish and a Blue Damsel.

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Country: Australia
Description: My reef tank is an "Aquaone 900". Its 176L approx 44 gallons. Dimensions: 90 x 50 x 36cm It has been specially modified to accommodate the MariSys Marine Filtration system (which all fits nicely inside the cabinet below) I don't have a chiller yet but sure I will be adding one as Summer approaches.
Advice: Don't muck around with a little tank in the beginning. Buy the biggest you can afford as it will be more forgiving of mistakes and you will no doubt want to upgrade in no time anyway! Read books and online threads to get a wide range of opinions and knowledge before you buy and waste money or lose livestock. Be patient and enjoy the process of your little reef ecosystem evolving. Spend time getting to know your fish and other livestock so you know when they are sick. If they are left too long the ammonia they produce could have a disastrous effect on everything else in your tank.
Fish Kept: clownfish, a damsel and a mimic tang
Corals/Plants: many! hammer, pipe organ, candy cane, elegance, heliofungia, stoney, star polyp and many coloured morphs
Tank Size: 44 gallons
Quote: Not happy Jan! Haha!
About Yourself: We live in an apartment on the top floor of our building and originally wanted a cat or a dog but it just wasn't practical. Nowhere to run around outside and where would it poop? Kitty litter does NOT turn me on. Then we went to a friend's house party and we spent most of the night peering into their awesome reef aquarium rather than making conversation or interacting with any of the humans! We knew then, we had to get our own fish tank! They actually lent us their 20L tank to begin our reef love affair and two years later here we are still very much in love with the reef and all its creatures.


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