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State: New Jersey
Country: United States
Description: 200 long, 2 x 36" actinic with blue LED's as well, Nice collection of African Cichlids and a great selection of Texas Holey Rock. With a light sand to slight course sand base 3-4 inched deep. Alowes fish to constantly change the landscape of the tank. Every night is a new experience. Filtration is a large wet dry with a canister type water polisher.
Advice: Don't be afraid to experiment and or change direction. If it does not work for you or your desires then move on till it does. For years I fought and fought the ever evolving battle against a cool Reef Tank. Salt and Reef the Ultimate was indeed beutiful yet too expensive and time consuming for me. In the end everything would slowly die off. and I did everything. Chiller, uv light, halogen, awsome protein skimmers, compact florecents. You name it I tried it. I simply realized I was supporting the removal of precious widlife from our oceans only to let them die. Then I turned to Cichlids a very colorful bunch to say the least and active all the time voracious eaters never shy and actually very healthy ! My latest change from a pebble base with plastic rocks to Holley rock and sugar sand which resembles a nice ocean sand simply did it for me. ! I think it's a nice compramise on salt vs tropical.
Fish Kept: Chichlids all types ! The more the merrier. So long as your tank is big enough and you provide lots of hidding spots it's great !
Corals/Plants: None Chichlids will destroy them all. So just a few plastic plants.
Tank Size: 200 gallons
Quote: never say it can't be done!
About Yourself: Loved aquarium since I was a little kid. straight up typical tanks with swordfish, mollies tetra's were good in the beginning but as my tank grew from 10 to 20gal to 100 and now 200 gal so did my appetite for more exotic stuff. Now I want exotic but easily maitained colorful and active tanks. Key word here is active tank. Cichlids will do that for you.


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