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State: Virginia
Country: United States
Description: This is my 150 Gallon Freshwater tank. I custom made the tank, stand and hood. As well as most of the fake plants in the tank. It has taken about 5 months from start to finish. (may 08- sept 08) The tank too so long to complete bc I didn't buy everything from the store brand new. I found what I needed online, on sale, ebay, and craigslist. You would be surprised at how many people are selling or giving away things like gravel, stone, and even fish! I don't think I spent one penny on fish. Some were given to me and the others were caught from the wild. For filtration I'm using an Eheim canister filter and a Marineland biofilter as well as an intank filter powerhead. Plenty of aerotors. 2- 36" twin tube high pressure lights. When I built the tank I left the center open so I could put lights underneath the tank and shine up through broken glass in place of gravel. It works nicely for an underlit effect. Something you don't see often.
Advice: Do it. You'll learn alot!! Research everything you do before you do it!! I started from a couple pieces of glass and wood and made something great out of it. AND it all costed way less than if I had bought it all new. To see a final finished product that is beautiful and functional- It's well worth the time. All in all it's a great do it yourself project- a large do it yourself project. Especially when you live in an apartment complex and have to do alot of the construction your apartment and outside on a small slab. Would have been much easier in a garage. However, I am very happy with the results. It's something that fools everyone who looks at it and asks where I got it. I reply "Well... I made it. Yeah, the tank too."
Fish Kept: Domestic: (store bought- only I didn't buy any of my fish. friends and family gave these to me) huge frontosa- named "big head todd", peacock bass, livingstoni, green severum, columbian shark, channel cat, 3 plecos, managuense, yellow lab, creamcycle chiclid. Wild Caught: (right out of local streams of va beach! just remember to acclamate the wild fish first.) white pearch, 2 croppy, blue gill, warmouth,
Corals/Plants: I tried live plants... way too much work for a large tank. Unless you like constant upkeep. I have all fake plants- but instead of buying them for a million dollars from a store. I went to a craft store and bought a bunch of fake plants. I cut them up and used glue gun to glue lava rocks to the bottoms. Use non toxic glue gun sticks.
Tank Size: 150 gallons


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