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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: 55G Acrylic Tank upon top of a personally refurbished (sand/varnish) cherrywood buffet table. (bought at a thrift store ($40.00) 48" twin T-5 H/O lamps By CoralLife Dual Penguin Emperor 400 filter sys. Dual 1400 GPH Powerheads (on each end) Artificial Plants / Decor (due to the little monsters killing my live decor) Red Lava stone works for the ultimate in a cavern effects. Oh, I can not stress enough the use of Nitrifying Bacteria, I swear by Special Blend...and weekly water changes of 10% - 15% using Prime Water conditioner while keeping the spacific Gravity @ 1.015 / PH @ 8.0+ Hope you like !!
Advice: Start Slow, Treat your tank like it is a ongoing project....A friend once said buy the biggest tank you can afford "empty" and take as long as you need to make it right in other words treat it like it was your very first; Take your time and youll end up with a beautiful piece of art.
Fish Kept: Mix of African Malawi and South American Cichlids. varing in size and color. I have had All of my fish for years and I only introduce 1 or 2 at a time. I Always keep my fish well fed prior to introduction of any new habitants.
Corals/Plants: Red Lava / Slate pleces Oh and a 8" round stone that was bought at a drugstore as a waterfall (meant for piece and tranquility) All of this strategically placed in the tank for symetry and balance of jagged earth rock aand smooth surfaces.
Tank Size: 55 gallons


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