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14 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 14g oceanic biocube reef
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Photo Caption: 14g oceanic biocube reef
14 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 14g oceanic biocube reef

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State: Texas
Country: United States
Description: 14 gallon oceanic biocube. 50 watt heater, stock lights and pump, no skimmer. water change once a month of 5 gallons.
Advice: Stock your tank according to how much time money and effort you want to invest in your reef. I have fallen into the trap of buying animals that need to be fed specialized diets or that need frequent feedings when my time wont allow it (or my tank can't process the resulting amount of waste efficiently!) If you arent going to do the required maintenance to keep the water just so for the animals then don't buy the animals that are high maintenance (anemones, sps, etc) You can do a reef that is fairly low in cost and very low maintenance if you do not overstock. And don't think that overstocking or overfeeding won't catch up with you in a bad way! Be patient, let your tank achieve its own balance slowly; don't just throw it all in and hope it all works together. Reading about this hobby is vital, but it is also fascinating and fun and you will feel good about "knowing before you go." Take your aquarium books with you when shopping for new purchases; this will help you avoid impulse/inappropriate purchases. And buy the best equipment your budget will allow or else I guarantee you will be buying twice.
Fish Kept: breeding ocellaris clown pair (2 years), juvenile ocellaris, peppermint shrimp, 6 blue leg hermits, 2 scarlet yellow face hermits, 3 astrea snails (stocking 1 per gallon is a sure recipie for starving snails!), 3 nassarius snails, misc hitchiker snails which breed constantly, and one bumblebee snail which I have had since I began the hobby in June of '03. I think he will never die.
Corals/Plants: green sinularia, pink kenya tree, finger leather, pink anthelia, brown button polyps, green ricordea, green star polyps
Tank Size: 14 gallons
Quote: "Only bad things happen quickly in a reef tank." --a very patient man
About Yourself: Stumbled into a marine fish shop, picked out a couple pieces of rock, a damsel, crab, shrimp and feather duster; when the guy rung me up and told me my total was $160 I literally thought he was kidding. It took about thirty seconds of him staring at me with a straight face for me to get that it was not a joke. It has been all downhill ever since ;)


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