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Photo Caption: Two Pole

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Country: Malaysia
Description: Table top size Long Mini Tank 24"x9"X7.5", 3x14w PLC 4000/6700/10000K Lighting, Pressurized CO2, Mini Hanging Type Filter and Mini Aquarium Fan(to keep temp. avg 25c)
Advice: Patient will work it out
Fish Kept: Neon and BlackTetra, Zebra fish
Corals/Plants: XXX
Tank Size: 6 gallons
Quote: Patient is an Art!
About Yourself: Always think that why most people's aquarium only either one or a few fishes swim around but without deco?Why not I just design a garden in the water.So, this is how I started this hobby!Total I have 3 planted and one fresh water fish aquarium and this is my smallest I have,the rest are all over 3' long aquarium..............


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