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210 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - full view
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210 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - full view

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Country: Switzerland
Description: Tank Details: - Tank Size: 210 gallons - Lighting: Pure T5!! 2x54 Watt ATI Aquablue Special 2x54 Watt ATI Blue Plus 4x80 Watt ATI Aquablue Special 4x80 Watt ATI Blue Plus For a total of 856 Watts. The lamps are changed every 6-8 months. T5 for stone corals? The light conditions compared at tropical reef roofs, we can often offer our corals only compromises both in the spectral light composition and in the intensity of radiation. It just therefore makes sense to put the radiant energy with artificial light sources available in the areas in which the photosynthesis is supported optimally. In comparison with the exclusive illumination with HQI the lights offer the corals a more efficient possibility with T5 technology of delivering sufficiently photo synthetically utilizable radiation (PUR). This also is due to the more unfavorable radiation orientation besides the high waste of energy (approx. 20%) of the much HQI lamps with a stronger shading of one's own. Through this coral can as a percentage absorb less PUR radiation. By the T5 lights my corals have got much more colored. The growth also has increased. For me the T5 technology is the best opportunity for the light extraction. - Water Changes: 10% weekly changes with Reverse Osmosis water. - Technical Equipment: Skimmer: Aquamedic Turbofloater Flow pumps: Tunze Streams Ozone: None UV: None
Advice: In my opinion the most important ingredients for successfully keeping sensitive sea animals are: Take time, much time and watch the animals closely. Changes to the system must always be done slowly. Fast changes usually have negative impacts. Don't overlook the fact that most of the available animals and decorations (LR) are taken from the oceans. As a diver in tropical waters I enjoy swimming in untouched coral-reefs, full of great and small life. The ability to do this in an incomparable system is very important to me. As a diver there is an unwritten law: "Grasp nothing, do not carry anything forward... Except photos and memories." The thought to put animals from this singular habitat into an artificial biotope seems grotesque. The uniqueness of the habitat "coral reef" is dependent on every resident. Every organism is a small, important part in the success of this wonderful world. It is necessary to understand and be conscience of these. I try to offer my animals an adequate and natural habitat. If possible, I always give after-cultivations and coral fragments the advantage. My topmost aim is keeping corals and fishes and not has to replace them. Unfortunately, there are reef keepers who replace the fishes and corals once in a while. Simply, unsuitable conditions and a lack of experience/interests are the reasons for it. I personally disassociate myself with those that do not care. The preservation of the natural coral-reefs isn't only a thing for the governments; everybody can and should make their own contributions.
Fish Kept: 2 Zebrasoma flavescens 1 Zebrasoma veliferum 20 Pseudanthias squamipinnis 11 Chromis virdis 3 Amphiprion ocellaris 2 Oxycirrhites typus 2 Synchiropus splendidus 2 Labroides dimidiatus 1 Salarias fasciatus 1 Gobiodon okinawae 2 Gobiodon histrio
Corals/Plants: several stone corals
Tank Size: 210 gallons
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Incredible SPS tank! fish avatar
NO ONE LIKE A FAT CHIC! fish avatar
Your tank is incredible!! fish avatar
Very nice setup man. fish avatar
I wish evey one had the time and money to do that!!!! P.S I used it for my background fish avatar
Amazing tank,should be no 1 in my opinion:) fish avatar
do you use any kind of filter at all ? fish avatar
Awsome and stunning tank!!! Probably the most beautifull I've seen on this site. Congratulation! fish avatar
Wow! XD fish avatar
It's just a beauty!! fish avatar
awsome tank !! OMG !! fish avatar
Absolutely gorgeous, so much work, but what a reward! fish avatar


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