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State: Michigan
Country: United States
Description: Main Tank: 225gl Starphire (60Lx36Wx24H) Euro-Braced Reef Tank Water Movement: TUNZE 6100 Stream, SEIO 1500, One Aquaclear 270 Powerhead Main Pump: Sequence DART Skimmer: Deltec AP851 Calcium Reactor: GEO Calcium Reactor Main Lighting: Two 250 watt Metal Halide housed in Lumenarc III Reflectors Bulbs: Two XM 10K 250 Watt SE - Three 140 watt VHO (Two Uri Actinic, One Actinic White) Ballasts: Two Hellolights ARO PRO Series Ballasts M58 Sump: 45gl sump, 4 cups of carbon changed every month. Small Refugium in sump. Top Off: Tank is topped off with Kalkwasser using a Deltec KM500 Kalk Stirrer Water Parameters: • Calcium: ~ 400 PPM • Alkalinity: ~ 7.5dKH • Specific Gravity: ~1.026 • pH: ~ 8.23 • Temperature:~ 77.4º - 79.0º • Nitrate: Undetectable • Phosphate: Undetectable
Advice: If I were to give anyone words of advice I would tell them to be patient, good things take time to develop. Too many people rush into things and fail to allow their aquariums to reach their full potential. Read as much as can, books and forums are great tools. This hobby has many great people ready and able to answer almost all questions thrown their way. So if you're unsure about anything please ask. Hopefully as the years pass this hobby will become more accessible; with new technologies developing rapidly it's an exciting time to be in this hobby.
Fish Kept: 1 Naso Tang 3 Yellow Tangs 1 Kole Tang 1 Blue Tang 1 Fox Face 1 Copperband Butterfly 4 Lyetrail Anthais (1 male, 3 female) 1 Blue Devil Damsel
Corals/Plants: Acropora: Pink millepora Lemon Lime millepora Multi-color millepora Blue tenuis Tricolor Valida Blue humilis Green Slimer Blue Slimer Purple Monster Becker Blue Tort Yellow Tort Blue tip Stag Purple Stag Sky Blue tipped aspera Purple and blue rubosta Teal Corallites nobilis Purple tip deswali Glowsticks and sapphire kimbesis Montipora: Orange capricornis Green capricornis Orange digitata Green digitata Purple digitata Barney purple encrusting Blue polyp encrusting Orange encrusting Green and orange polyp encrusting Other Corals: Pink pocillopora damicornis Green Pink pocillopora damicornis Green Star Polyps Zooanthids (assorted colonies and colors)
Tank Size: 225 gallons
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showoff.... :-P fish avatar wuff
WOW!! fish avatar Eric
Your tank is AMAZING!!! fish avatar ANDY
The colors in all your corals are just amazing! fish avatar Nora
ur tank is amazing !! fish avatar perry
Pfuiiiii! One of the greatest tank EVER! (and definitely ze best on this forum) fish avatar moitoi
nice tank....well designed. fish avatar Julie
NIcely done fish avatar chuck
I actually prefer your old lighting. Do us all a favor and take down 1 of your tank photos. Really sweet tank! fish avatar Vayder1
This Tank Rocks Like Muzzy's fish avatar Dennis
Sweet Tank man you should be #1 fish avatar Gabriel
bezzer fish avatar frazer


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