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20 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 20 gallon nano reef
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Photo Caption: 20 gallon nano reef
20 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 20 gallon nano reef

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State: Massachusetts
Country: United States
Description: Tank is a 20 gallon long with a Bak Pak 2 protein skimmer (w/bubble trap & pre-skim box). Also has a hang on the back refugium (not sure of company) that is about 2 gallons. I have a 30” dual satellite pc light on tank and a 12” single satellite on the refugium. The refugium is solidly packed with the greenest Caulerpa algae you have ever seen. Two power heads run for circulation, a Maxi-Jet 900 and an 1100 gh micro pump. The sand bed is crawling with life, the live Florida rock is beautiful, about 30 lbs of it. I also have about 3 lbs of it in my refugium, with a few blue leg hermits (9 smaller than pea) and a few Nerite snails (9). They have it down to get in and out of the refugium. There are also two filter feeding cucumbers that live in the out flow portion of the refugium. Lost power once and had to move them out of the refugium, with in the next day the both found their way from tank back to exact spot in the refugium. I also have a tiger tail cucumber that lives in the main tank sifting thru the sand…… and now I have TWO. It disappeared for about 2 weeks once, next time I saw it there were two. Other critters in tank include a boxer crab, 2 emerald crabs (m&f – one only has 3 legs right now. No idea), a hand full of small tropical muscles, half dozen Nassarius snails, dozens of black and white serpent stars, 1 big red serpent star, and a bunch of the little Asterina starfish. I have never noticed even a hint of danger from them. Others say different just telling you my experience. Last but not least are the millions of copepods and encrusting Coralline algae.
Advice: Research before you buy.
Fish Kept: (2) Fire fish, (2) Purple Fire fish, and a Scooter Blenny.
Corals/Plants: (5) Feather Dusters, Coco Worm, Colt Leather, Cabbage Leather, Finger Leather, Devils hand Leather, huge Green Brain, little Red Brain, Frogspawn, Neon Green Star Polyps, Star Polyps, Plate Coral, Pulsing Xenia, purple Crocea Clam, a huge Green Mushroom rock, a couple frags of Sun Polyps, and a bunch of misc. mushrooms. Some orange and green Polyps, a Brian I am not sure about (came attached to rock), and a few Trumpet frags.
Tank Size: 20 gallons
Quote: Do or do not, there is no try. ~ Yoda
About Yourself: I’ve had fish my whole life. I also have two other fresh water tanks. One is a 55 with (2) Polypterus, a Jade Goby, and a Lima Shovelnose. My 3rd tank is another 20 long with a Rope Fish, a Spiny Eel, and the biggest Golden Wonder Killifish ever.


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