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State: Colorado
Country: United States
Description: Size: Oceanic 58 gallon (36"x18"x21") Type: Lake Malawi cichlid tank 120 lbs of lace rock, flat rocks in front for breeding Lighting: 2 36" 25W All Glass fluorescents Filtration: Emperor 400, Penguin 100, and a Fluval 305 Heater: 300W Hydor Theo heater
Advice: Get a cichlid tank if you have never had one. I have raised fish for many years, but nothing has come even close to my cichlid tank.
Fish Kept: demasoni, yellow labs, red zebras, yellow-tailed acei, rusty cichlid, and yellow-finned borleyi, red empress, electric blue
Corals/Plants: none
Tank Size: 58 gallons


tank looks nice, on your monthly wc when you take all out, what do you with the fishes? fish avatar
nice tank man you did a great job on this. looks like a lot of work. fish avatar
With my weekly water changes, I vaccum as best as I can around the rocks. Then, once a month, I take all of the rock out, vacuum underneath, and put them back in the tank in a new arrangement. This does three things: (1) allows me to keep the buildup under the rocks to a minimum, (2) makes the tank look fresh and new with a different layout, (3) minimizes the aggression of the fish as it breaks up their strongholds. In terms of why it doesn't tumble down, lace rock has lots of edges so you can stack it like a puzzle in a very sturdy manner. fish avatar
I get my rocks at my local fish store. It is called lace rock. fish avatar
Great rock set up! How do you clean around this set up without disturbing the rocks or having them tumble down? Thank you for any advice and for sharing! Namaste ~ fish avatar
where do u get your rocks? fish avatar
nice job with your layout. definitly put white gravel or sand. I have a sililar tank with white sand and it loks great, I agree, nothing better than cichlids in a tank fish avatar
I have to agree with jmq1820, it would look better with sand. fish avatar
Nice!!! Is the lace rock stacked, or leaning against the back. If you would like to see a similar setup with sand check my tank out. fish avatar
your tank is like your advice... golden! fish avatar
i think that if you put some black sand in there it would look dope! fish avatar
beautiful set up man fish avatar


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