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State: Texas
Country: United States
Description: Still new - running 5 Months - 150 Gallon all glass aquarium - 200 lbs sand - 250 lbs fiji liverock - 30 gallon sump - wet / dry system - 220 gallon protein skimmer - Fluval Fx5 canister modified so that it is simply a solid bed of lab grade carbon & phoslock - power compact lights ( 4 - 10,000K - 2 - 420 actinic - 2 - 460 actinic 4- LED Moonlights)
Advice: I read a book and decided to do Fish only because everything I read made coral and reef systems sound so hard and impossible - the fish only went so smooth I decided to turn it into a reef system - Im glad I did -Read but dont take it all to heart - you can ask 100 reef tank keepers the same question and get 90 different answers - You have to take it on your own and figure out what works best - there will be errors - but in the long run it will pay off - and you will fall in love with it.
Fish Kept: (2) FoxFace - (3) Yellow Tangs - (1) Blue Hippo Tang - (2) Naso Tangs ( 1 is 13 inch Male with streamers) - (2) Tomato Clowns - (1) Vlamingi Tang - (4) cleaner Shrimp - (2) Fire Shrimp - (1) horseshoe crab - (3) Flame Scallops - and about 150 different snails and hermit crabs
Corals/Plants: Mostly Leather - Devils hand - Yellow Finger leather - Pink Finger Leather - 4 different variations of the toadstool - green flower pot - white flower pot - purple colt - white colt - maroon colt - orange sponges - cup coral - brains - cabbage coral - star polyps - zoos - (2) Bubble anenomes
Tank Size: 150 gallons
Quote: Live today - worry about tomorrow - tomorrow
About Yourself: Needed a hobby to keep me out of trouble - this sure did the trick - Im now either working on the tank or sitting down to enjoy it - I havent had my TV on in months


you have a top 10 tank and that is one hell of a view nice. fish avatar
you're pictures in the wrong catagory you should be under reef tanks. This is for Saltwater fish only fish avatar
this looks real nice, keep up the good work !! fish avatar


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