Photo #1 - A Tank I Made The Other Day, The Fish Is Real. It...

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Photo Caption: A tank I made the other day, the fish is real. It died the other day, so I stuck it on a stick and then took this photo. Apparently they need salt water
saltwater fish - pterois volitans - volitan lionfish stocking in 125 gallons tank - A tank I made the other day, the fish is real. It died the other day, so I stuck it on a stick and then took this photo. Apparently they need salt water

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State: Colorado
Country: United States
Description: I use water as a medium to display aquatic organisms in esoteric ways
Advice: build it and they will come, you've gotta make it a place where fish enjoy living
Fish Kept: yes
Corals/Plants: yes
Tank Size: 125 gallons
Quote: I'm not afraid to speak the name of Jesus Christ
About Yourself: I am very in to fish


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well ya see, the lr cycle just got done and im checking all the levels to make sure the tank is ready for the big fish. once its ready tho i'm sure you're love it. btw that tank is sitting on the basement floor :( fish avatar
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