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fish tank picture - new pic
fish tank picture - lace rock broke up

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State: Nebraska
Country: United States
Description: i have a 46 gal bow front tank 3 under gravel caves for the fish to hide when they fill like it one under the stacked rocks one in the middle of the tannk and one on the far right side i have six lava rocks stacke with holes all over them for the fish to weave there way in and out of them and three plastic plants in the back wall of the tank i know they say not to mix south american cichlids with african but ive had no problems ive got my cichlids from petsmart and fish freaks, amazing place by the way i have a aqua tech 30 60 filter with two filters in it a long bubble strip that stretches from one end of my 46 gal to the other and a heater not sure what kind it is but it keeps my tank temp at a toasty 82 degrees now with having 32 fish in a 46 gallon tank i do gravel clean ups and 10 to 20 percent waterchanges twice a week my ph stays between 8.0 to 8.5 and my ammonia levels have never been above 0 so far, i think im doing good for getting into the hobby a couple months ago if there is any advice you would like to leave with me please feel free to leave me a comment thanks
Advice: start out small, half the people that work at pet stores have no clue what there talking about if your fish are flashing or itchy put aqurium salt in the tank if you have any questions feel free to ask
Fish Kept: 2 jewl cichlids 2 convict cichlids 4 kenyi cichlids 3 auratus cichlids 2 demonsi cichlids 2 yellow fin acei cichlids 2 red shoulder peacock cichlid 2 electric yellow cichlid 1 electric blue johanni cichlid 1 albino caeruleus cichlid one orange cichlid not sure what it is 1 jack dempsy cichlid 1 blue moori dolphine cichlid 2 bumble bee cichlid 1 venustus cichlid 1 rusty cichlid 1 red zebra cichlid1 pleco 1 striped peacock eel 1 rainbow shark and 6 snails
Corals/Plants: three plastic plants
Tank Size: 46 gallons
Quote: just because you work at the pet store dosent mean you know whats rite for my tank and what i can and cant put in there
About Yourself: i got the tank after nagging at my girlfriend for a month or two she finally gave in we started with three and now we have 32 fish i love them all its relaxing and great to have around the kids and company


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