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Country: United Kingdom
Description: My tank is a Juwel 180 litre which I've had for about 6 months. I'm using internal filtration that comes with the tank,and it seems to do a fine enough job, inside are different layers of filter medium sponges, from charcoal to nitrate which I clean and change in rotation to avoid destroying too much bacteria. The lighting I use is 'Sun-Glo', unfortunately I don't have specifics, but I have a different one at the back for fish colour and the one at the front improves plant growth and colour. I've chosen what I think is an unusual substrate for a goldfish tank-black sand, but the fish seem to love it and the plants thrive.
Advice: A good stockist is hard to find!! I regularly travel 30 odd miles to the best by far, it's completely worth it, don't settle for second best just because they are close.
Fish Kept: One 6 inch Chocolate Oranda, one four inch Black Moor, one 5 inch Black Ranchu and one 2 inch Black Ranchu.
Corals/Plants: Heehee,thank heavens for plant tabs! I don't know if I should list the Latin names, it does seem to be the done thing, however I have never looked for anything specifically, I just buy plants that I think look nice, and the goldfish may not eat too quickly! I do have to replace the odd ones every month or so. Ok among others; Eustralis stellata, Ophiopogon japonica, Anubiscongensis, Echinodorus bleheri and a few others that I can't be bothered to type out!
Tank Size: 40 gallons
Quote: Fish are friends, not food!
About Yourself: Not too much of a fish geek I hope! Have been a veterinary nurse for 16 years, have two cats which find the tank quite boring!


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