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Photo Caption: These were all taken with an iphone 4 which I think is pretty good quality. I am looking for suggestions!!!
28 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - These were all taken with an iphone 4 which I think is pretty good quality. I am looking for suggestions!!!

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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: I own a 28 gallon jbj nano cube with 105 watt fluorescent light set up and 4 led lights for nighttime lighting. I have 2 powerheads in my tank, 1 that is in the bottom left covered by rocks which pushes 540gph and another that is in the top back left pushing 240gph. Also 2 pumps that lead to 2 jet heads at the top of the tank. (i had wavemakers but they didnt come with the right fit and kept falling off). My tank has been running for 1 month now.I am converting the filtration system into a refugium on 8/30 when I do my water change. I have a sebae clownish and a Midas blenny so far for the fish. As for the corals theres about 50lbs of figi live rock in there. I have a 2 headed purple neon green tipped torch coral, a decent size yellow polyp on the top left to grow throughout that area, a rock anemone in the middle, a purple ricordea in the front right, feather duster in front left, fire orange polyp (cant remember the exact name) in right side of tank, 2 florida ricordea polyp frags that have doubled in size in 1 month (they were the first additions to the tank). in the front right is a nice piece of zoas that I received out of a 2 year old tank and it has another piece of coral attached to it but i wasnt told what it was. It has black/purple arms and neon green mouth...pretty cool I think. 7 snails, 8 crabs, 1 cleaner shrimp, and 1 sand starfish.
Advice: I am looking for advice. :)
Fish Kept: Sebae clownfish, and Midas Blenny.
Corals/Plants: Wrote in description of fish tank.
Tank Size: 28 gallons
About Yourself: I am looking for any advice since this is my first saltwater tank. I have not had any trouble with ammonia nitrates or nitrites. I am starting to see some coralline algae forming which I was lucky enough to also get a few pieces of rock from a 2 year old established tank that is all purple. Let me know what you think and add some suggestions if you have any.


Looking for suggestions on placement and additions to the tank!! fish avatar


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