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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: I'm running a 125 6ft aqueon expanded to 150 high output little giant size 3 with a twist ultraviolet sterilizer and ain sump phosphate reactor for lighting I have one set of daylight t5s and a second set of actinic t5s with a dual timer power core to simulate sunrise and sunset daylight my rank was disigned with two water Colums Which I have filled with biological filtration on top of the 3 gallons of bios in the sump overflow
Advice: Reverse osolation is key for replacment water and for reef tanks don't neglect your lighting lights should be replaced at least once a year don't bother with stupid test kits for nitri nitra and all that other crap take care of your phos and water change whenever there's a problem and you'll be fine
Fish Kept: ??? Um the fish I know about ??? White blenny a very brilliant hawkfish a couple damsels a dotty twin hawian firefish a manderin dragonet loads of inverts and a coulple ornamint shrimp Such as blood Shrimp and a stripe back
Corals/Plants: Wow um 2 carpet anemones 2 different species of frogspawn 3 brains in and out a large moon cup 2 jellys a doughnut an eagles eye 3 bubble 2 of which I rescued so there just now coming back to life 2 leathers 2 plate orange and green 7 diferent species of mushrooms a large prop of zoos and the not large but very rare colony of 25 cinomon polops Which are now on the no pick list
Tank Size: 125 gallons
Quote: Imagination is more important than knowledge
About Yourself: My name is Zach I'm a 24 year old bussiness owner I live in key west fl I'm a semi professional wakeboarder so I spend alot of time in the ocean when I first got into this hobby I had access to the best of the best of marine specimens direct from the people who actually collected so off to A very good start I quickly learned plus I could get what no eles could Iv kept everthing from sharks sting rays I had a 6 foot moray ell in a 10 foot by 2 foot room divider tank easily the coolest thing to have aside from the dragon moray


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