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freshwater fish - astronotus ocellatus - tiger oscar stocking in 30 gallons tank - my buddies.
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Photo Caption: my buddies.
freshwater fish - astronotus ocellatus - tiger oscar stocking in 30 gallons tank - my buddies.

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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: This is a 30 gallon tank up and running for 6 months now , Undergravel filter ran bye a modest air pump and a small power filter , a 100 watt heater , lighting is a standand 24 watt fixture as there is no live plants.
Advice: Take your time and let your newly decorated tank run on its own for at least 2 weeks , better yet a month before you introduce your first few fish , it will be well worth it in the long run. Cut the standard inch of fish per gallon rule in half and your fish wil be much happier and healthier do water changes every week 15% and dont be afraid to try new things slowly.only make one change at a time , fish need time to adjust to changes in there enviroment , keeep a steady temp. about 79 is good for almost every species. And last but not least dont overfeed your fish some fish will eat until they expode , 2 or 3 times a day feed as much as they will eat in 3 minutes without excess faling to the gravel and offer a variety of food not just flake , try lettuce and peas oatmeal and a good pellet. And look closely at your fish everyday to spot signs of stress or disease , watch out for white spots on the fins this is very common in new tanks and new fishkeepers , but it is curable with proper treatment.
Fish Kept: In this tank I have a red tiger oscar and a cobalt blue , any petstore will tell you they cant live together peacefuly , but given the right conditions and the proper food requirements and adequate terrritories they will do fine , although I dont recomend mixing africans and south americans together untill u are educated in both.
Corals/Plants: just fake plants in this tank
Tank Size: 30 gallons
Quote: Youll never no till u try.
About Yourself: Ive been keeping fish for 13 years , have had several freshwater tanks and 2 saltwater tanks , out of about 40 fish ive had ive only lost 3 in 13 years , a stable enviroment and not making big changes all at once to a tank is the key, always overfiltrate if the box says the filter is good for 50 gallons and u have a 50 gallon tank buy 2 of them


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