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Country: Taiwan
Description: Tanganyika tank with N. brichardi, N. pulcher "Daffodil", N. falcicula "Walteri", N. crystiyi, N. gracilis, N. maraguensis, & N. pulcher.
Advice: Salt water tank
Fish Kept: N. brichardi, N. pulcher "Daffodil", N. falcicula "Walteri", N. crystiyi, N. gracilis, N. maraguensis, & N. pulcher
Corals/Plants: no
Tank Size: 2 gallons
Quote: 234
About Yourself: "Brichardi-Type" Neolamprologus - This group includes N. brichardi, N. pulcher "Daffodil", N. falcicula "Walteri", N. crystiyi, N. gracilis, N. maraguensis, & N. pulcher.


This pic was prolly took the day this person bought everything because the next day I bet it was all dead fish avatar
You should add a Sohal, 2 Gem tangs, and a Naso vlamingi. After that, I would add 6 dragonettes. Then your tank would be really cool. fish avatar
wow, its impressive that they are alive in there ,but a bit cruel as well... fish avatar
this is the worst tank ever, that tang gets up to 12 inches or more possibly get that tang out of there, your a cruel person you shouldn't even have a tank. go to hell. fish avatar
that is just WRONG to keep a tang in a tank that small. It should be in a tank at LEAST 35X bigger. fish avatar
umm that tang is probably dead by now or will be in the next few months fish avatar
3 fish in a 2 gallon tank....thats an insane bioload. Thats setting up for failure. And inhumane fish avatar
thats so mean take that tang out men fish avatar
poor Dorie, Blue Hippos need 40 gallons or more, re-up, spend a little cash and make your fish happy.......... fish avatar
a 2 gallon tank with a blue hippo tang they need at least a 30 40 gallon tank fish avatar
Your regal tang should not be kept in a tank -that- small. Its actually rather cruel, kinda like putting you in confinement to live out your days. If you are going to keep these beautiful fish atleast have the courtesy to do it properly. I'm not very impressed with this. fish avatar
A regal tang shouldn't be kept in tank that small, he's going to get too big :( fish avatar
i dont think a regal tang should be kept in that small of a tank! fish avatar


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