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Photo Caption: 24 beautiful fish.
135 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Freshwater, 3 live plants on left side of tank. Deep blue background. 24 peaceful fish.
fish tank picture - Cool little 20 gallon for sale. Send email to me at tiff_Rob@ Yahoo
fish tank picture - My trap door snails are laying their eggs!
freshwater fish - pterophyllum sp. - platinum angelfish stocking in 135 gallons tank - Got 4 new angel fish. Love them.
fish tank picture - I got 4 new angel fish. 2 are veil tales, I think.
fish tank picture - I bought a unique glass vase the other day and came up with this planted tank with plants from my aquarium. I really think it looks cool.
fish tank picture - Freshwater, 3 live plants on left side of tank. Deep blue background. 24 peaceful fish.
fish tank picture - Several of my platies, my angel fish. I love this tank.
fish tank picture - Freshwater, 3 live plants on left side of tank. Deep blue background. 24 peaceful fish.
135 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - Finally got right spectrum bulb for live plants. Added a sea shell decoration.
fish tank picture - My Australian Rainbow. They are kind of sketchy. I'm on the fence about them. I didn't know they were skiddish like that. I need a new tropical fish supplier.
fish tank picture - I still don't know what kind of algae eater this is but his pattern is beautiful. This one my 6 year old picked out.
fish tank picture - My love brought some aquarium decorations home today. He likes them on top of the tank. I want to put them in the water. What do you think?
fish tank picture - I put some new plants in and they turned the water green. So I had to do a 25% water change anyway. Took the plants back out. Now tank is cloudy.
135 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - My beautiful tank. I've added some mote live plants since this was taken and I don't think they are doing so hot.
fish tank picture - Just another photo to upload. I've got a few more.
fish tank picture - I had no idea of how I wanted to decorate my tank so I let my 6 year old pick out some things and he told me exactly where he wanted them. When we finished setting it up he said "mom, its beautiful!" That's when I knew I turned him into one of us!
freshwater fish - balantiocheilus melanopterus - bala shark stocking in 135 gallons tank - I have 3 bala sharks. I want to get like 3 more.
fish tank picture - Just a close up. I got camera happy after adding fish.
fish tank picture - Looks nice in the dark.

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State: Arizona
Country: United States
Description: My tank is 6' long 24" deep & 18" wide. It's a135 gallon with 23 fish. I use 2 Aqueon 55/75 quiet flow pumps. A bubble for added oxygen.
Advice: Do not use any kind of soap or detergents to clean tank or materials. Always have water tested. Make sure fish are disease free when purchasing from pet stores.
Fish Kept: Gold Algae Eater, Zebra Lace Angel Fish, Gold Nugget Pleco (L-18), Bala Shark, Australian Rainbow, Red Wag Platy, Black Lyretail Molly, Peppered Cory Catfish, also a featherfin algae eater.
Corals/Plants: Live anubius, swordtails and artificial plants as well.
Tank Size: 135 gallons
Quote: closed mouths dont get fed. And I'm not hungry!!!
About Yourself: I'm an at home mom. I have a great love for freshwater aquariums. I started out with a 10 gallon that I bought at a yardsale. Moved up to a 20 gallon one. Now I am the proud owner of a 135 gallon aquarium.


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