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freshwater fish - panaque nigrolineatus - royal pleco (l-191) stocking in 37 gallons tank - Atlas the royal pleco
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Photo Caption: Atlas the royal pleco
37 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - 37 gallon tank Wow - I got such low ratings on my last picture. At least it was in focus. If you're going to give me a low rating, at least leave a comment with some constructive criticism. This is the new pic with all my new plants.
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freshwater fish - panaque nigrolineatus - royal pleco (l-191) stocking in 37 gallons tank - Atlas the royal pleco

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State: New York
Country: United States
Description: It's a glass 30 x 22 x 12 37 Gallon Marineland Tank. It's the biggest I can realistically fit into my Manhattan 6 floor walk up. It's tall dimension makes it seem bigger, though. I use a Tetra Whisper 45 that's nice & quiet since the tank is at the foot of my bed. All natural drift, plants, & rock, except for the vine ornament that has a hose fed into the bottom so it erupts bubbles every couple minutes. I put a real seashell on the top that fits into the hole & moves up & down like a hatch. I do have another ornament. The skull, which also burps a bubble every few minutes. A bubble wall along the entire back wall also helps keep it aerated. The fish chew through the real plants but I keep planting more & trimming the old. The tank is only a couple months old. Started it in July after a ten gallon hex & a small 3 gallon. I don't remember the brand of the hex but I found it at Petland & I hadn't seen it anywhere else or since, except there. It's a glass hex 18 inches tall with 7 inch panes that make it 13 inches wide. It also has a skull - this one more open so I can see them play in there but everything else is natural: drift & plants. I've been experimenting with different colorful rocks. The hex is mainly my Kuhli tank. They frolick in the flexible bubble wall that wraps around 3 panes. Plus a transparent knife, glass, farwella, hoplo cats, & lots of tinys - tetras, danios, & flying fox. And a butterfly & horse face loaches. The big tank is ruled by the 2 angels. I have dojo loach, spiny eel, raphael cat, dolphin loach, a bigger farwella cat, African butterfly, clown knife, & a goldfish that refused to die like all the other fish when I was first setting up my little 3 gallon. The angels survived from then as well. That was the beginning of June & it's kind of become a hobby since.
Advice: I'm a beginner but the best advice I got was to stop futzing with the chemicals & just let the tank be. Although I did discover that the natural driftwood leaches out the ph so you have to keep an eye on that. The bigger the tank, the easier it equalized out. I'd have the 10 gallon looking great & clean for a few days but then it would get cloudy & then suddenly, bam. Crystal clear. When your tank decides to kick into it's natural rhythm, it's almost startling. I've also found out the hard way how easy it is to overstock the tank, feed them too much, & who doesn't play well with who. It's a lot of research. Look up what you like online & then buy your fish prepared. I asked the guys in the pet shop & apparently, nobody knows what they're talking about in the stores. Half the time they don't even know what fish they're selling you & will give you a butterfly loach for a pleco. They do look alike, though. But I've found the best advice in books & online. Do your homework or be prepared to make a lot of mistakes like me. Frequent water changes of a 1/4 to a 1/3 every 2 weeks, try not to feed them too much, & pretty much leave it alone. Just watch.
Fish Kept: See above plus a betta I now keep in the 3 gallon with a couple minnows I liberated from the feeders going into the mouths of the big boys in the 37. I feed everybody a mixture of live, frozen, & dry foods.
Corals/Plants: Grass, Cabomba, Mayaca, Hornwort, Egia Nana, Hydra Hottenflora, Madagascar Lace, bamboo, broadleaves, & ferns.
Tank Size: 37 gallons
Quote: Are you a chemist? Then stop futzing with the chemicals.
About Yourself: I'm an actor which means I wait tables. I had a cat for 19 years who died & I wanted to try another pet.


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