Photo #3 - 55 Gallon Saltwater With Coral And Fish.

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Photo Caption: 55 gallon saltwater with coral and fish.
55 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 55 gallon
55 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - ricordia
55 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - 55 gallon saltwater with coral and fish.

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State: Texas
Country: United States
Description: 55 gallon, Marineland Filter, 80 lbs of premium fiji live rock, 60 lbs of sand, protein skimmer, 2 powerheads, Power Compact w/ 4x65w bulbs + 8 moonlights, 100 watt heater.
Advice: The most common beginners mistake is moving too quick and adding too much too fast! you can not only buy fish but this site will tell you everything about the fish and coral and what goes with what...This is great if you are not that experienced. It is also great for the experienced because they have cheaper prices than your local fish store. Make sure you have a very thick layer of sand...otherwise your bacteria wont be as thick, layered and plentiful!
Fish Kept: Most ordered from an excellent site for online fish ordering! Bluehead Wrasse, Arch Eye Hawkfish, Clown Goby - Green, Shrimpgoby - Pink & Blue, Purple Pseudochromis, Royal Gramma, 2 Domino Damsel, Velvet Damsel, 2 Percula Clown, Maroon Clownfish, pair green mandarin gobys, Serpent Star, Feather Dusters, Coral Banded Shrimp, Lettuce Nudibranch, Sand Sifting Cucumber, 3 Emerald Crab, Cleaner Clam, Pistol Shrimp.
Corals/Plants: 40 Ricordea Yuma (various colors), Various Mushrooms polyps(lots of these),1 Yellow Gorgonia, Green Eye Zoos(many) leather coral, devil's hand, some hard coral...Too many to name!
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: dont live, thrive
About Yourself: Well, it was my wifes idea at first and I agreed and have become very interested in saltwater. She has taken classes and has worked with satwater fish for a few years. I am catching on though..I buy everything and she mantains it.


oh man, i would remove 1/2 of that rock. it looks like a giant rock pile. the 55 gallon tank is going to be hard to work with, but i would make a valley in the middle, it would look a lot better. also what is the hang on filter for? you shouldnt need that for anything. fish avatar


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