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Photo Caption: My latest addition...A 6" clown loach!!!and 1 of his little buddies
fish tank picture - fish tank
freshwater fish - botia macracantha - clown loach stocking in 90 gallons tank - My latest addition...A 6" clown loach!!!and 1 of his little buddies
freshwater fish - aulonocara baenschi - sunshine peacock stocking in 90 gallons tank - Sunshine peacock
freshwater fish - cyphotilapia frontosa - frontosa cichlid stocking in 90 gallons tank - Frontosa
freshwater fish - cyrtocara moorii - blue dolphin cichlid stocking in 90 gallons tank - Cyrtocara Moorii Female
freshwater fish - cyrtocara moorii - blue dolphin cichlid stocking in 90 gallons tank - 6.5 inch male and 5 inch female Cyrtocara Moorii breeding pair. This was a fascinating experience for the whole family!!! The breeding took place in relatively open water. As a result constant attacks from Alpha male of the tank (Auloncara Baenshi) took place. As well as opportunistic feeding from the other tank mates. The subsequent defense from the male Moorii was quite a spectacle. I was suprised that the pair did not use the extremely large breeding cave in the lower right hand corner of the tank (see tank pics). The next time her reproductive organs begin to drop and her color changes indicating a breeding will occur within the next 48-72 hours I plan to add a breeding pot.
freshwater fish - cyrtocara moorii - blue dolphin cichlid stocking in 90 gallons tank - Cyrtocara Moorii egg drop
fish tank picture - Close-up of African Cichlid Tank
fish tank picture - feeding time
90 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - 90 gallon mixed African cichlid tank

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State: Ohio
Country: United States
Description: Cichlid tank, ALL GLASS brand ported and plumbed with 1 corner overflow/return. Wet Dry filter with bio balls and 10 gal. sump. Crushed coral and gravel subtrate. Petrified wood and slate hardscape accompanied by several low light, and high PH tolerant plants. Solid Oak stand and canopy. All glass top with 2 strip lights, and 2 heaters, but 1 is currently being utilized in the fry tank. (currently have 100+ fry)
Advice: I agree with everyone that states: "Get the largest tank one can afford without getting divorced." Learn as much as one can. It only enriches the experience. identification, behavioral, and dietary traits. Aquascaping is a key factor in reducing stress resulting from conspecific hostility. Also, selecting specimines from varying sub-species will avoid this potential problem. For example: Pick your favorite auloncara, pundamilla, haplochrome, Protomealus etc..
Fish Kept: Currently: 2 pleco. 2 featherfin synodontis. 1 male sunshine peacock, 2 female. 1 male O.B. peacock 1 female, I SRONGLY ADVISE only keep 1 auloncara male. The Alpha continually displays aggression to affirm dominance. Often the Beta male will never reach his full color potential as a result of this pressure. 1 male Cyrtocara Moori, 1 female. 1 Male Burundi Frontosa, 1 unsexed. 1 Black Calvus. 1 Yellow Calvus. 1 male Scienchromis ahli, 1 female. 1 Male labidochromis, 1 female. 1 female protomelus stevini (Taiwan reef) 1 Red top Fulleborni. and 6 Giant Danios. The Giant Danios do wonderfully in a cichlid tank. They provide a contrast between predator/ prey if you will. Even if that is not the case. Also, through my observations I believe the skiddish by nature danios allow the cichlids to relax. It's almost as if the cichlids key off of their response to danger. They also provide action at the top off the tank creating balanced levels. Cichlids mid to bottom and synodontis residing at the bottom.
Corals/Plants: 5 crinum thianum. 1 Anubias flazzeli. 1 Anubias Barteri. 3 Java ferns. 2 Java Windelov. approximately 5 cups of java moss. 1 potted crypt wendtii. 5 bunches of Hornwort. All low light, high PH tolerant plants. Also, the varieties chosen are unlikely to be eaten by all but 1 of my cichlids. I do keep 1 herbivour, the fulleorini, who will at times nibble, but very little or no damage is incurred. The introduction of an abundance of Hornwort has clarified my water significantly. Of course, as with anything, read up on it prior to introducing it to your tank
Tank Size: 90 gallons
Quote: If your ever near Galion, Ohio visit KC's Aquaworld for the best combination of knowledge and selection of cichlids that I've found in Ohio!!!
About Yourself: More photos coming soon.... please visit again!


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