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State: Texas
Country: United States
Description: Tank is 55 gallons and made of glass and is standard size. Lite by Coralife Aqualight Quad Tube Compact Fluorescent Strip Lights (96 watts). Fish include: powder blue tang, red snapper, 4 random damsels, 2 long bulb anemones, 1 coral beauty angel fish, 2 pure ocellaris clown fish, 1 pure maroon clown fish, 1 hermitt crab. Tank is filtered by a 110 gallon wet filter and a 110 gallon wet dry bio ball system. Tank is also filtered by a 100 gallon protein skimmer. The tank is supported by a maple stand and matching canopy. Numerous bubble strips are in the tank for looks and to increase air content within the water. All water prior to being mix and placed in the tank is ran through a reverse osmosis filter.
Advice: Its a major investment of time and money. talk to people who have tanks and find a knowledgable fish store near your house, not the kid who works at the pet store! You need someone who actually has experience. keeping fish is a challenge, especially saltwater. most of the fish you'll want live in very specific places on Earth, in their natural habitat. You are trying to recreate these condtitons, that only exist in a few small places, in a tank! this is no easy task! you'll learn as you go. fish will no doubt die and money will be lost. But remember it is a hobby not piece of art, that requires no work once purchased, people like when they come over. A tank requires hours per week of maintainence, even with the best equipment. Its fun and challenging. The most important thing i've learned is: you can not over filter your water! Bigger is better!
Fish Kept: powder blue tang, red snapper, 4 random damsels, 2 long bulb anemones, 1 coral beauty angel fish, 2 pure ocellaris clown fish, 1 pure maroon clown fish, 1 hermitt crab.
Corals/Plants: no live coral, or planets.
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: get busy living, or get busy dieing.
About Yourself: Im a student at the university of houston. I will graduate in December with a degree in political science and minor in architecture. I hope to get into residential project management after school. I got into fish tanks by chance about 5 years ago. A friend of mine had a large fresh water tank so when I got my own place, i started with a 10 gallon fresh water. Like everyone else in this hobby you get hooked and before you know it you've spent thousands of dollars and killed alot of fish, but once you get it down, theres no better hobby in the world, except maybe golf. I hope to increase my tank size someday, maybe a whole wall in my house!


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