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Country: Mexico
Description: My tank is 200 L I made it by its a 3 side view thank, I have it in my office, it was my first aquarium I have it since August 2017, everything there is natural and I love it, the filtration is behind a wall like a sump with 2 glasses, in there I have a sponge, ceramic comb, and space to put some other stuff if it needed, the heater, two power heads, and air pump. next to it I have the furniture where all the cables get connected with 3 timers one for the light and the other for the 1st head power to stop in the feeding time, and the second head also stops at that time but also during the night. I want something cool for my offices entrences so I wanted different levels in the floor, then I wanted and arch but in a natural way, and also I wanted to have some branches to be out side the fish thank, then because the different kind of substrate from Seachem, was black. I want the rook with color. for contrasting and finally I planted the plants and put the fishes witch are 100 Parachirodon innesi and 3 Acanthophtalmus kuhli
Advice: Hey guys when I started, I wanted a collection of all kinds of fishes, something that I was very wrong to do so, I was thinking that with lots of different hiding places I created, and putting all the fishes baby and at the same time they were going to grown up as a family. but that is just a fantasy, follow all the guide and follow all the parameters that exist for every fish, we all ready have them thanks to lots of studies and experiences.
Corals/Plants: Vallisneria, Sagitaria, Ludwigia, espada del Amazonas, Hygrophila, 3 kinds of Anubis, Eleocharis acicularis, Utricularia graminifolia,
Tank Size: 53 gallons


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