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Country: United States
Description: 10g-spotted puffer/brackish 10g-quarentine&breeder 10g-black moore goldfish/fresh 10g-fantail&comet goldfish/fresh 14g-assorted platy&mystery snail/fresh[planted] 20g-ballon,sailfin lyretail,assorted mollies/brackish[planted] 55g-southeast asian/fresh=red tail shark,bala shark,assorted gouramies,giant and zebra danios,clown loaches, kuhli loach,spotted peacock eel..angel, convicts, skirt tetra and plecos awaiting a south american tank.asap 55g-african cichlid/fresh=snow white,yellow labs, cobalt blues, acei, red zebras, arautus, venustus or lingstonii, not sure
Advice: learn as much as you can before you for all the fish's needs and their environment keep only compatable species together- sometimes it is trial and error...doesnt hurt to start small and work as you go, you will alwzays want to try new things and upgrade anyway...filtration and water changes are critical. feed a variety of foods not just flake or pellets. quarentine new fish. spend time watching so you know whats going on, if something changed ,or for the enjoyment... work up to that saltwater tank you are dreaming about...its alot more than just adding marine salt!
Fish Kept: african cichlids are the "smartest fish"-[quote from animal planet's-mutant planet] and right away you will know why... beautiful, smart, and thousands of varieties make them a favorite to keep and breed. do yourself a favor and check them out sooner or later... you will be glad you did.
Corals/Plants: lower light varieties anubias java fern moss ball amazon sword baby tears
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: its not the size of the fish for the tank..its the tank for the fish...
About Yourself: grew up with fish, getting in the hobby now just recently.the fish brighten up my rooms and i always want to try something new or find room and a reason for more...


The tanks not too bad doogle. Like the bright colors you have going on. I think if you went went with a black or blue background you'd be amazed at how your fish will show up. Other then that a wonderful cichlid tank that I'm sure they love better then the LFS. I just can't get enough ciclids! And your right I tell everyone, if they are looking for tank additions, to buy cichlids and let them eat all the fish they have. The ones that survive are some hardy smarty fish! fish avatar
rate this as a freshwater tank..thank you fish avatar
this tank is a marineland l.e.d. starter kit included 1 penguin 350 bio wheel ...i added a second penguin 350.. stealh 200 watt heater net and fish food and dechlorinater added lace, tufa, lava, and other rock crushed coral,coarse natural gravel reef looking decorations that glow nicely under the lunar lights few real low light plants and a couple fake ones fish avatar


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