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Country: Canada
Description: 65 watt coralife aqualight (2.4 WPG), dimmensions are 30x12x18, it is a standard 29 gallon aquarium. Uses Emperor Penguin Bio-Wheel filter (model c) and a Jeagger aquarium heater. Also gravel uses an Estes natural aqua gravel. (30lbs) About 8 different species of plants. Cobble stones are also in the tank, and some random pieces of driftwood I found in a beaver dam.
Advice: Cycle your tank befor adding fish, and always make sure the fish you are getting are compatible. About 1 inch of fish will occupy 1 gallon of your tank. Over stocking is fine in a community tank, but in a planted tank it is better to use less fish due to the room that the plants need. Feed your fish as much as they can consume in 2 minnuts and when adding new plant be sure to make sure your tank reaches their requirments for lighting and nutrients. As far as I would think choosing a planted tank over a freshwater is a better but more pricey choice, one thing it makes the tank look more natural and most community fish would like that, and as long as you keep all the dead plnat leaves out of the tank your water quality will become better. Choose what you want carefully, because if you get stuff that you dont really like, it's just a waste of money. Good luck to all the hobbyists and have fun!
Fish Kept: (1) koi angel (6) head and tail glowlight tetras (5) neon tetras (2) guppies (3) longfin serpae tetra (2) oto cats (3) leucumeia cory's (1) small yellow/orange fish (dont know what it's called)
Corals/Plants: amazon sword, dwarf hair grass, balansae plant, anacharis, ludwiga plant, temple narrow leaf, variegated japanese dwarf rush, water sprite, roatala magenta
Tank Size: 29 gallons


actualy I am not sure, when I bought it, it was considered a assorted guppy so... fish avatar
do you what type of guppy this is??? i have two cobra guppies i think that one in your photo is a red snakeskin or at least like it:-) , From J fish avatar


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