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State: California
Country: United States
Description: 168 gallon 72x32x18, 2-Hagen T5 high output 3' double fixtures, 2-3' actinic blue marine glo 39 watt bulbs, 2-3' 18,000k power glo 39 watt bulbs, 12-LED moonlight, undergravel filter, 2-Aqua Clear 70 400gph powerheads, Fluval FX5 600gph canister filter, Won Pro-Heat heater controller, Marineland 250watt Stealth heater. After seeing many photographed cheesy backgrouds and finding nothing that satisfied my urge to be different, I made the background from over 130 peices of real slate each hand cut to 1/2" thick and siliconed to ABS plastic. I had to make the background in 3 seperate peices to get it in the tank. All 3 peices put together weigh about 150 Ibs. I sealed each individual peice of slate with a transparent acrylic sealer. The wood is from a high Sierra mountain stream where I go trout fishing. The rock is mexican bowl rock. The stand is custom oak with a polyurethane sealer.
Advice: Get the biggest tank you can buy. Don't clean your filter too much. Enjoy your fish - study about them and where they are from. If you can't afford good stuff - save your money until you can.
Fish Kept: 5 red irian rainbows, 5 red line torpedo barbs, 3 white cloud moutain minnows, 6 jumbo neons, 5 pearl gourami, 5 clown loaches, 3 panda garra, 3 panda corydoras, 7 silver hatchets, 2 silver angels,
Corals/Plants: The plants are all plastic but the cool brown & green algae on the background is real.
Tank Size: 168 gallons
Quote: Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.
About Yourself: I bought my first 5 gal tank 30 years ago. All my fish died because I wasn't told about the bactierial cycle. After going 20 years without a tank I decided to do it up good!


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