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Photo Caption: Left Side View of Tank
43 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Front view of 43 GL tank. Sweetheart Parrot in the front. As always
fish tank picture - This is the only live plant(so far) I have in the tank. It is called a Brazilian Sword and it is BEAUTIFUL and also helps with the Algae Bloom. I do suggest at least one live plant in your tank. I plan to get more.
freshwater fish - phractocephalus hemioliopterus - redtail cat stocking in 43 gallons tank - Loach playing hide and seek. Can you find me?
freshwater fish - botia modesta - redtail botia loach stocking in 43 gallons tank - This guy is my Loach. I was weary of him at first because he ate our Glo-Fish the first two nights I had the 43, but he is a beautiful fish when he does come out. While the other fish are eating on flakes and pellets he is fine dining it on Shrimp Cocktail.
freshwater fish - carassius auratus - fantail goldfish stocking in 43 gallons tank - This is my Fantail Goldfish. She is great and plays with the Parrotfish a lot.
freshwater fish - heros severus x amphilophus citrinellum - blood parrot stocking in 43 gallons tank - This is my favirote fish. Sweetheart Parrotfish. She is great and very playful. She isn't shy at all. She will come up to the top of the tank when you put your hand and nip at your finger.
freshwater fish - gymnocorymbus sp. - black skirt tetra stocking in 43 gallons tank - Picture of 3rd Catfish hiding under the rock.
freshwater fish - kryptopterus bicirrhis - ghost glass cat stocking in 43 gallons tank - Picture of the smaller and bigger catfish. I have 3 but the other bigger one is hiding under the pink rock.
freshwater fish - gymnocorymbus sp. - black skirt tetra stocking in 43 gallons tank - 3 White Skirt Tetra. Tank is a little cloudy, taken before finished cycle but I thought this was a good picture of the family of White Skirts. (I think) anyone have any ideas?
43 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - Right Side View of 43 GL Tank.
fish tank picture - Left Side View of Tank

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State: Florida
Country: United States
Description: I had a 10 Gallon tank and I upgraded just recently to this BEAUTIFUL 43 GL Hexagon tank.I don't know name brands but I have a heater, bubbler, filter and a Coralife 96wt 50/50 light.
Advice: Having a larger tank has helped me learn what I needed for the fish and why they needed it. I had no clue what a bubbler was because a 10 gallon doesn't require it. It is definitely true for the beginner; Start large and keep going. A larger tank is easier to maintain and a lot more rewarding to look at. I don't watch TV anymore, I am to busy watching the tank!
Fish Kept: (1) Fantail Goldfish, (1) Sweetheart Parrotfish, (3) Pictus Catfish, (3) White Skirt Tetra, (1) Loach I had a algae eater in my 10 gallon but there wasn't enough algae for him to eat. I also had two glo-fish which were very small and the first two night I had the 43 GL tank the Loach at them. I am now feeding the Loach cocktail shrimp.
Corals/Plants: I have 1 Green/Variegated Brazilian Sword and it is beautiful in the tank and helps with the Algae Bloom.
Tank Size: 43 gallons
Quote: Fish-Friendly Shark Pledge: I am a nice shark. Not a mindless eatin' machine. If I want to change this image, I must first change myself. Fish are friends. Not food!!!
About Yourself: I have always loved aquariums. When I was younger my mother had 4 tanks and I just would spend a lot of time just watching the fish swim around. I am just learning new things but I want to become an expert at it and eventually move up to Saltwater. I know it takes a lot of responsibility, hard work and time. I am just waiting for my time.


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