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State: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Description: MH and Actinic Lighting with LED TrueBlue moonlights. 300 gallon main display, 55 gallon live plant filter sump tank, Iwaki MD70RLT (japanese motor) for the wavemakers, two 1200 gph powerheads in tank, Koralin Calcium reactor and Precision Marine Kalkreactor (used to keep pH and calcium in optimum levels), Ultrazone 360mg/hr Ozone Generator, 2 55w UV steralizers, 1 Precision Marine 300g Protein Skimmer, Kent Maxxima RO system for top off and to supply Kalkreactor with fresh water, custom built overhead in-line chiller, everything is being run by a Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper Elite v2 controller with NET module for wireless remote maintenance
Advice: be prepared to spend a lot of time and sleepless nights reading up on what parts will best suit your needs, and then be prepared to shell out some hard earned money when you find the part for you.
Fish Kept: Sohal Tang, Blue Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Yellow Tang, 4 XL Pajama Cardinal, 2 bw striped Cardinal, 2 Percula Clownfish, 1 Maroon Clownfish, 1 Mandarin Fish, 1 Harlequin Tusk, 1 w/g Goby.
Corals/Plants: Variety of live plants in filter sump tank. Display Tank: Purple and Green Hammer coral, Purple and Green Frogspawn torches, Green Torches, Purple Torches, Yellow Torches, Blue Torches, Bubble Coral, Candy Coral, Brain Coral, Zoanthids (too many types to type), Mushroom Coral, Elegance Coral, Lettuce Coral, Green Carpet Coral, Yellow Seafan, Tongue Plate Coral, Neon Green Plate Coral, Orange Sea sponge, Clams, 2 anemone (one bubble), Acan Colonies, Green Star Coral
Tank Size: 300 gallons
Quote: "All of human wisdom is summed up in two words - wait and hope.." - Aledandre Dumas
About Yourself: Well, when we renovated our basement eight years ago my dad decided to scrap our 40 gallon freshwater tank upstairs and build in a custom 300 gallon tank in our new basement. Thinking that he was just trying to take up space, i watched him get it started and all of the intricacies involved during startup and I was immediately hooked.


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