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125 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - yello tang, hippo tang, flame angel having some fun playing around the rocks.
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Photo Caption: yello tang, hippo tang, flame angel having some fun playing around the rocks.
125 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - yello tang, hippo tang, flame angel having some fun playing around the rocks.

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State: Kentucky
Country: United States
Description: 125gal. aquaticlife t5 ho w/led lights, fllstar xp3 canister, hydro 3k air flow`s x2 120lbs of live rock.
Advice: Take it slow, take your time and never use damsels to cycle your tank. I waited about a mo. then added 6 green chromis. I still have them...they will not attack and try to kill everything you try to put into your tank once fully est. the tank
Fish Kept: 6 green chromis, 1 maroon clown...tank raised..1b/w percula clown, two percula clowns, 2pajama cardinals.2 hippo tangs, 1 yellow tang, 1 scooter blenny, 1 sally lightfoot, 1 coral bandedshrimp, 1 skunk cleaner, 1 sixline wrasse, 1flame angel, 1 mandrine goby and cleanup crew.
Corals/Plants: green plate coral, pulsing polyp, yellow polyp, duncan coral...just fragged...2 feather dusters, frog spawn, colt coral, candcane, red chili, umbrella coral, young kenya tree coral, many mushrooms, hard corals,,,some... starpolyps.
Tank Size: 125 gallons
Quote: Will I ever get it right?????
About Yourself: I started with a 10 gal freshwater tank over 13yrs ago. I finally made my way up to a 125 gal. I never had the nerve to start a saltwater aquarium until a friend of mine started one. I started mine a few months later kept the 125 freshwater and made a 75g. salt tank. About 9 months later I took down my freshwater and made my 125 into a saltwater tank. I love my fish and stive to do better and learn as much as I can.


Really nice coral arrangement. Great looking tank... fish avatar
Very nice! fish avatar
Well I have aquaticlife T5 ho lights. on the 72" 420/460...4x39w. 10,000k...4x39w. 6 lunar led. I just took out my canister filter. I added a sump. I love it, have to get use to the noise but worth it! I have had my 125g salt tank for just over a year. I have recently noticed some red slime algae coming on. I did not know what was causing the problem...come to find out, it has to do with the airflow. My canister was was stopped up again. So Im hoping with all the flow going on now I will redude this problem. Do you have a sump? fish avatar
What lighting are you using as I have a similar set up and am in the middle of swapping my power compacts for t-5's i just bought. Interested in your experience. how many and what wattage do you have? fish avatar


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