Photo #2 - Here Is My 11 Month Old New Thank Setup Update. I...

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Photo Caption: Here Is my 11 month old new thank setup update. i added alot of soft coral and anomies !
75 gallons saltwater fish tank (mostly fish, little/no live coral) - Here Is My Front View of my wall mounted aquarium that i just start 3 week ago !
75 gallons reef tank (mostly live coral and fish) - Here Is my 11 month old new thank setup update. i added alot of soft coral and anomies !

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Country: Canada
Description: 75 gallons, neon light 4x vho t5 54watts each(2xblue,1xwhite, 1xpurple). 1 x skimmer Tunze 9006. 1 x power head 1200gph 1 x 30 gallons sumps with high flow rate of 800gph with macro algae of all type. 1 heater Fluval e300 ( the best to have ! ) 85 pound of live rock from Salawassi,Fiji and Jakarta with alot of coraline from 3 different color. 20 pound of Ocean live sand. 1 x 25 gallons of reverse osmossis water made by Coral Life 24gph. Manual Plumb to empty the main aquarium + a water pump to fill up the main from my 25 gallons pre-heated at 77f and salted at 1.024
Advice: Be Patient and read alot in ternet saltwater specialist before buying your stuff because in petstore alot of them want your money and are not 100% honest with and u spend way much. don't forget you will make many error in start of this hoby and it's normal. Start slowly !
Corals/Plants: 1 Brown Torch Coral 1 blue Torch Coral 1 Tan Orange Torch Coral 1 blue mushroom coral 1 super big green grass star coral 1 green eyes polyp coral 1 orange electric polyp 1 BTA red anomie 1 Bta Rare Orange flash anomie 1 white carpet mini anomie 1 octopus anomie
Tank Size: 75 gallons


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