Photo #0 - Wassily, My Pretty Pearlescent Delta Tail Betta.

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Photo Caption: Wassily, my pretty pearlescent Delta Tail Betta.

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State: California
Country: United States
Description: I have a 55 gal freshwater 48" X 21" X 13" filter: Penguin biowheel 350 (for the goldies, guppies, and the pleco) and 2 small 5.5 gal hex tanks planted freshwater 12" tall, Full Spectrum fluorescents, Marineland full setup w/ biowwheel filter (for the bettas, dwarf frog & snails and otos) I've decommissioned my 20 gallon for the time being... needed to scale back a bit until I pass a big exam in my grad program.
Advice: Research BEFORE buying anything! NO impulse buys! * Especially for size needs and fish compatibility Don't be afraid to return your fishies back to the store if your setup isn't right for them yet. They are living creatures who deserve to be comfortable!
Fish Kept: I have kept goldfish, plecos, otos, fancy guppies (bred these for a while), platys, black skirt tetras, long fin zebra danios, bettas, African dwarf frogs, apple snails
Corals/Plants: several varieties of freshwater plants.
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: I'm just gonna get this one last $10 thing, honey, and then we're all set on fish stuff. ;-)
About Yourself: A 5 gal hex tank sits directly in front of me (where a computer monitor would go) in my tall corner desk. Another 5 gal is up on the top shelf of my desk, and the 20 gal is directly to my right, so I'm virtually surrounded by fishies in my home office. The 55 gal serves as a room divider in my front room, so it's visible from both sides. I'm a full time student, an avid gardener (succulents, vegetables & herbs), and I paint murals with my darling husband, who is a professional artist. We also have a terrarium with a Tree Frog named Smeagol, and 3 very spoiled Kitties.


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