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Country: Canada
Description: I got this tank as a gift from my friend who had it just laying in his garage. It is a 50 g tank I believe, there were a couple scratches on it but it isn't very noticeable unless you're close up. I started off with a 10 g, then a 25 g and now I think this is where I will stop....unless I get a bigger house. The enclosure for the tank is custom made. It is a beautiful enclosure except that I find it too low to the ground and that the canopy is too high which is causing the water to evaporate very fast. I am currently in the process of planning out a new stand for it and thinking of purchasing a new canopy. The lighting I am using was an old fluorescent light that was on my old 25g tank's canopy. So I modified it so it could be used in the existing canopy. I am also thinking of using another lighting system which would create a "moonlight" effect so I can enjoy watching it at night as well. As for the filtration, I am currently using an Aquaclear 200 filter and a Penguin 660 which creates a very nice current that the fish enjoy swimming through. I also have an air pump used to create bubbles through the oyster that my girlfriend purchased for the tank. To some people the oyster may look tacky, but I like how it adds some color in the tank. The substrate that I am using is a generic brand that you can get at Wal-Mart. I originally used only the greenish-blue gravel because it gave my tank some good color. Then I mixed in the black to add some contrast. The rocks I am using are some chunks of concrete that was going to be discarded from the renovations that were being done to my house. It's a heck of a lot better than spending butt-loads of money on rocks, that's for sure. The main thing with using concrete is to keep it submerged in water for at least 3 days with some vinegar then rinsing it out heavily before putting it in your tank. Also, I use a "sunken bell" and some clay pots purchased from Wal-Mart as well for an additional hiding places for the fish. Well, that's about it for now. Enjoy!! Don't forget to vote.
Advice: Research only goes so far. Each fish has its own personality. I have kept all my fish together since they were young and nothing has happened so far. So keep reading those books and websites and remember that patience is the key to having a beautiful tank.
Fish Kept: 2 - yellow tail acei 4 - blood parrots 3 - electric yellows 1 - bala shark 1 - electric blue lobster
Corals/Plants: n/a
Tank Size: 50 gallons
About Yourself: I got into the hobby when my girlfriend's mother got her tank and fish. I fell in love and was just mesmerized by the fish swimming around. I started off with a 10 gallon tank then moved up to a 25 gallon and finally up to my 50 gallon tank. I am very pleased with my tank and wouldn't go any bigger due to space and the cost of maintaining a tank that would be bigger.


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