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State: California
Country: United States
Description: So after a catastrophic algae bloom in my 12 gallon nano, I decided to upgrade to a much larger and more vibrant system! I was always told that the larger the tank the more easier it is to maintain proper water parameters. With the help of Robert and Cerissa from "Neptune Aquatics" out of San Jose/Milpitas, CA, they were able to help me out and "hook" me up with the proper items needed. Its been about 5 months now along the road and my tank could never be better! Until I add more corals of course.... The tank is a Tru Vu 50 gallon tank. The dimensions are 36L x 15W x 20H. I am currently lighting the tank with One 175W 14k mogul base metal halide supplemented with two 39W ATI blue plus actinic bulbs. I have a 15 gallon CPR aquafuge sump/skimmer/refugium as my filtration and quarantine tank. The return pump is a Mag. I have 1 Koralia 1 and a maxi jet with the deluxe upgraded propeller.
Advice: NEVER in your life rush to get everything you want. Just remember that you will regret it because its like throwing money away. I learned that the hard way. As hard as it sounds, just take your time and everything will be perfectly fine.
Fish Kept: 2 black Darwin Ocellaris clowns (Bonnie & Clyde) 2 Pajama Cardinals (Polka & Dot) 1 Banghai Cardinal (Bang-Guy) lol 1 Coral Beauty Angel (Coral) 1 Yellow Tang (Bubbles) 1 Blue Hippo Tang (Dory!) 1 Yellow Watchman Goby (Walter) 2 Domino Damsels (Ritalin & Strattera) 2 Striped Damsels (Adderall & Skitz) 1 Algae Blenny (Lenny) 1 Cleaner Shrimp (Jacque!) 1 Coral Bandit Shrimp (Pierre) So yes your probably wondering how I keep them all alive.... The trick is lots of hiding places and an excellent filtration system!
Corals/Plants: Inverts: 1 Sebae Anemone 1 Rose Anemone with Green Base Tons of snails and hermits. 3 Maxima Clams LPS: 1 Purple Eyed Green Favia Pagoda Cup Coral Metallic Green Gonipora Purple Frogspawn with Neon Green Tips (4 heads) Green Torch Coral (2 heads) Red Zoas Green Zoas Yellow Zoas Neon Yellow Zoas 2 Pulsing Xenias Aussie Duncan (1 head) Large Headed Dendro (1 large head, 2 small heads) Pink GSP Neon Green GSP Green GSP 1 Feather Duster SPS: 1 Neon Green Acro 1 Neon Pink Monti Cap 1 Orange Elkhorn 1 Pink Birdsnest 1 Fuzzy Green Birdsnest 1 Tri Color Staghorn 1 Stylopora 3 Green Staghorns (2 pieces I accidentally broke off)
Tank Size: 50 gallons
Quote: Do unto others as they do unto you...
About Yourself: Im not new to the hobby but I am new to having my very OWN reef tank managed but only yours truly. I have grown up around my parents who are both the crazy avid reefer (700 gallon reef!). That obviously rubbed off on me and when I parted from my parents to my big move here to California, I just HAD to have my own. I tried having a 12 gallon nano... Didnt last too long for many reasons. Lets just say that it was in a gym where lots of kids were present and it was OPEN top. lol bigggggg mistake. So I relocated my reef to my home and got the idea to upgrade to a larger system! Then POOF... Here comes the 50 gallon reef!


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