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Photo Caption: My Green Sailfin Molly
57 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - My 260 litre Malawi Cichlid Tank. It has only been running with fish in for about 3 weeks so taking it slowly adding a few fish every couple of weeks. Fish Stock to Date: Synodontis Eupterus x 3 Cyrtocara Moorii x 3 Labeotropheus fuelleborni x 3 Metriaclima estherae Labidichromis caeruleus x 3 Aulonocara sp Rubens Red x 2 Aulonocara hansbaenschi Scianochromis Fryeri This is my first Malawi Tank so any advice would be appreciated on how to improve the conditions for the fish and stocking. :-)
freshwater fish - aulonocara nyassae var. - peacock cichlid, orange blossom stocking in 57 gallons tank - Aulonacara Marble Peacock - 'Pickle'
freshwater fish - otopharynx lithobates - sulphur crested lithobate stocking in 57 gallons tank - One of My Aulonacara Rubens Red
freshwater fish - aulonocara rubescens - ruby red peacock stocking in 57 gallons tank - Rusty - Aulonacara Rubens Red
freshwater fish - synodontis eupterus - synodontis eupterus catfish stocking in 57 gallons tank - This is Scatz my Synodontis
freshwater fish - poecilia latipinna - dalmatian molly stocking in 57 gallons tank - My Marble Sailfin Molly
freshwater fish - poecilia latipinna - sailfin molly stocking in 57 gallons tank - My Green Sailfin Molly
freshwater fish - synodontis eupterus - synodontis eupterus catfish stocking in 57 gallons tank - Synodontis Eupterus the first 3 fish that I got for this tank they were adopted as the owner did not want them!
freshwater fish - cyrtocara moorii - blue dolphin cichlid stocking in 57 gallons tank - Cyrtocara Moorii Malawi Blue Dolphin My 2nd group of fish I have bought for my new tank.

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Country: United Kingdom
Description: My Tank is a 260 Litre 120x68x46cm Bow front Rift Lake Cichlid Tank not sure of make, I have 1x white light 1x marine blue light, 2 Tetratec Ex1200 external filters, 1 Tetratec AP300 Airpump with air curtain at back, A rena 300w heater, Substrate is coral sand with mix of White rock,Slate and pebbles and red agate with a scattered amount of fake plant.
Advice: Always Double filtration for cichlids and make sure you really research which ones you get as there are alot of unwritten rules. Do not trust your local Fish shop join a good forum as you will get all the help you need. And lastly be patient!
Fish Kept: Synodontis Eupterus x3 / Cyrtocara Moorii x 3 / Labeotropheus fuelleborni "red top Thumbi West" ob morph x 3 / Metriaclima estherae x 1 / Labidichromis caeruleus x 6 / Aulonacara Stuartgranti 'Chipoka' x2 / Aulonocara hansbaenschi x 1 / Scianochromis Fryeri x 1 / Aulonacara OB Peacock x 2 / Tropheus Moorii moliro x 3 / Aulonocara baenschi x 3 / Pundamilia nyererei x 3 / Aulonocara stuartgranti (Charo) x 1 / Cynotilapia afra "Cobue" x1 / Metriaclima zebra "red-top" x1 / Aulonocara sp. "lwanda" x1 /
Corals/Plants: None at this time
Tank Size: 57 gallons
Quote: enjoy today cause tommorrow will cost to bloody much!
About Yourself: I am a Mother of 5, I have 11 tanks 4 Cichlid tanks and the other are tropical Mollies, Tropical Guppies, Baby Tank (in constant use!), and a mixed community. I like obviously fishkeeping, art ,crafts and american muscle cars and Dayvans


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