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Photo Caption: Here is my large veiltail marble angelfish. She has lots of personality.
70 gallons freshwater fish tank (mostly fish and non-living decorations) - The centerpiece of my tank are my large veiltail angel and my sailfin plecostomus. These two fish have so much personality, and their interactions are amazing as they compete for food and for my attention.
freshwater fish - pterophyllum sp. - marble veil angel stocking in 70 gallons tank - Here are my large veil-tail angel and 11" plecostomus hanging out together in their favorite corner of their new 70 gallon home.
fish tank picture - My Plecostomus has adopted the thermometer I just bought and attached to the side of the glass with a suction cup. He pulled the thermometer off the glass and dragged it across the tank to his favorite hangout where he sleeps with it or on it almost every day since then. I think he fell in love with it because it is about the same length, and its suction cup is similar to his suction mouth.
fish tank picture - One of my Platys conversing with my Sailfin Plecostomus about the fiscal cliff.
fish tank picture - Here is my large Black Marble Veiltail Angel and medium-sized Sailfin Plecostomus - these 2 fish have a real love-hate relationship. Sometimes they just hang out together, and then other times they compete for food and position in front of the tank - quite a site to see with gracefully large twisting bodies and flying fins.
fish tank picture - My Sailfin Plecostomus eating at top of water like other fish. Is this common behavior for Plecostomus?
fish tank picture - Here is my sailfin pleco when he was younger. I am amazed how intelligent he seems to be - for example he imitates the other fish in the tank and tries to eat food off the water surface, and he follows me around as I move around the room, and competes with the angel for my attention. Is this unusual for plecostomus catfish?
freshwater fish - pterophyllum sp. - marble veil angel stocking in 70 gallons tank - Here is my large veiltail marble angelfish. She has lots of personality.

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State: Virginia
Country: United States
Description: 29 gallon. I bought a kit at Petco and everything works perfect. I just got a new tank - 70 gallons !!
Advice: Change water and vacuum gravel at least every other week.
Fish Kept: Marble Veil-tail Angel, Sailfin Plecostomus, 5 Platys, 4 Corydoras acrensis Catfish
Corals/Plants: All fake
Tank Size: 70 gallons
Quote: Existentialism is the realm of the limited and fragile mind, spirituality is the realm of the infinite soul. The interaction is life.
About Yourself: My dad introduced me to the hobby when I was 5. I lapsed when I left home for college. Now I have returned when he died.


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