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State: Illinois
Country: United States
Description: I use 4x 65 watt Power Compact fixture by Aqualight with moonlights. I use aquaclear 70 for filtration and I do a 50% water change every two weeks. I don't use any fertilizer for my plants since I have plenty of fish to help fertilize them.
Advice: Be patient. Never ever buy sick fish, quarantine new fish always. Always rinse new pants. Keep your lights on for at least 10 hours a day, Co2 helps. Take a chance what doesn't work for other might work for you. Enjoy your tank!!!
Fish Kept: Discus, Angels, 1 powder blue gouramis, 1 red fire gouramis, 1 honey gouramis, rasboras, a few platys, 3 swordtails, peppered corys, and mystery snails
Corals/Plants: anubias: coffeefolia, nana, & barteri -crypts: balansae, becketti, lutea, petchii, wenditi red & bronze, willisii, & ciliata - stem: anacharis, bacopa, cabomba purple, giant hygrophila, hair grass, lloydiella, moneywort, frill, ludwigia broadleaf & narrow, red temple, wisteria, water sprite -swords: amazon, marble queen, melon, dwarf chain, brazilian, ozelot - vallisneria- giant, red marble -other plants: onion plant, java moss, & white ribbon, dwarf sagittaria, & I have a few others that I forgot their names
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.
About Yourself: I started keeping fish at age 6. It all started with 2 orandas that my cousin won at a fair and was too lazy to take care of. From there I switched to tropical fish with fake plants, then back to goldfish, then I did tropical again, but kept the goldfish. Then I made my own pond and added koi. Then I got into cichlids, but I couldn't stand watching them fight and kill each other, so I started a reef tank. My first reef tank attempt was a total disaster. I ended losing more than $3000 worth of livestock. So I instead switched to a planted tank with discus and angels, and I still have them. So I still have a pond with koi & goldfish, a planted discus & angels tank and I started a reef tank again.


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