Photo #0 - A View From The Back - A Few - Live Rock / Sand

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Photo Caption: a view from the back

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Country: Thailand
Description: custom made for me. The setup is about 6 foot high and 6 foot in length. I don't know how many gallons it is, i'll measure and update later & take a better picture.
Advice: I am one
Fish Kept: a few
Corals/Plants: live rock / sand
Tank Size: 200 gallons
Quote: god damit


Beautiful but as I can see you sold everything in your house to fill up that tank fish avatar
WOW! very cool looking set p! =) fish avatar
wonderful fish avatar
Love the aquascape fish avatar
#4 out of 420 Tanks, Well DOne ;) fish avatar
Very Nice!! fish avatar
.... couldnt even spell speechless... fish avatar
Never seen anything like it! Absolutely amazing! ..................... (speachless) ......ooooh i need one of those! fish avatar
AWsome tank fish avatar
wow! super cool fish avatar
Very nice looks expensive fish avatar
love your tank ive got a 100 gal 240 gal keep it up fish avatar
nice tank,it looks like there is some coral in there too, did you stock the tank yourself? fish avatar