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State: North Carolina
Country: United States
Description: THIS IS MY 1ST TANK IT IS 55 GALS. I have one whisper pump and 2 bubble blowers
Advice: get pacus take up time with them.Keep tank as clean as possible the more goldfish you feed them the dritier the tank gets.The same goes for shrimp pellets and blood cubes you can these at any PET SMART.I suggest you get a Algee Eater bigger than your PACUS it will help to keep the tank cleaner and the PACU won't eat it.....
Fish Kept: i only have 1 fish it is a pacu it is going on 2 years old.He is the width of my 55gal.tank and about 7ins tall and very thick
Corals/Plants: none
Tank Size: 55 gallons
Quote: peace in the middle east
About Yourself: I,am just a average person who love my fish.I just got 3 more pacus about 3 months ago.Will have pictures soon......


I was told that pacus are carnivorous when young, but when they got bigger they mainly became herbivores. I would think you might need to feed him some greens of some sort algae pelets even. Mine loves them. And the one in the first pic does look like a black belly. fish avatar
big pacu, I had one in with my lungfish and all they did was fight. Nice pic. fish avatar
Well I wouldn't say the tank looks gret but its just for two babies so whatever. I have an actual communuity tank. fish avatar
it looks like a paranah, is it a kind of cichlid? fish avatar
p.s. u will need to place him in a bigger tank if he is 2 and no bigger than a 55 width seems to be growing slow i had my only a year and his length was over 2 feet cause he was in a 140 but i had to get rid of him because he was just too big and kept eating my cichlids he was so large his head wouldn't fit in a 10 inch net had to scoop him out by hand fish avatar
just loaded some pictures of my pacu and are u sure thats a red belly seems to be a black belly pacu fish avatar


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