Photo #7 - A Cave At The End Of The Sandy River Bed

fish tank picture - a cave at the end of the sandy river bed
Submitted By: Jeremy Krefft on
Photo Caption: a cave at the end of the sandy river bed
20 gallons planted tank (mostly live plants and fish) - Escarpment in the Jungle
fish tank picture - This picture really highlights what I would consider the focal point of the tank to be. There is a drift wood tunnel, covered in ferns, moss and a clover type plant and a sandy river bed with some rocks that disappears into a dark cave. On either side of the river bed, there are different plants that contrast in color. A dark green sword has grown big next to smaller sword and other species. On the other side, the bright red Alternanthera Reineckii has grown tall next to the bushy green Hemianthus micranthemoides. In the background, there is another stem plant that grows concentric green layered shoots out which only looks better as it climbs and fills out more.
fish tank picture - This is the other side of the tank. Again, you can make out the sloping profile. A piece of drift wood that looks like a nice tree seems to come right out of the red Alternanthera Reineckii which adds a nice deep red to this side of the tank. The bright green bushy stem plant that has done well in the front side of the tank is Hemianthus micranthemoides and the jungle grass is in the back as a nice background plant.
fish tank picture - You can see how I tried to prop up the substrate higher in the back using the rock and also some old blue colored plastic binder. The swords help to hold the soil in place now. Here you can get an idea the stem plants that I planted in the back for background as well as how I tried to create a natural slope from front to back.
fish tank picture - I planted the dwarf lily in a bed of some creeper which has not done all that well, but I do think that the bright purple of the plant really pops out within the bed of green on this side of the tank.
fish tank picture - I forget the name of this clover like plant, but I wrapped christmas moss around the driftwood with string and then this plant along with java fern and african fern. I was able to root in clover-like plant into the moss as a medium and it has really brought the driftwood to life.
fish tank picture - a cave at the end of the sandy river bed

More Info

Country: India
Description: I have a 20 gallon rectangular tank with a hang on the back filter, CO2 diffuser and LED light strips. There is an automatic feeder that dumps blood worms mixed with some granular food twice a day. I was trying to create a nature/jungle style of aquarium.
Advice: Try, experiment, learn what works and practice regular water changes
Corals/Plants: anubias, Rotala rotundifolia HRA, Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Mi Oya', Cryptocoryne Wendtii `Green Gecko`, Staurogyne repens, Hemianthus micranthemoides, java fern, African fern, vallisneria jungle grass, Plant, Nymphaea sp., Dwarf Lily, Alternanthera Reineckii and much more.
Tank Size: 20 gallons
About Yourself: I used to have a 30 gallon coral reef tank in Califothis but upon moving to India, coral was no longer an option. I started my first planted tank and love it. It has been just as rewarding for me as keeping coral.


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